Many times, our clients ask, “Are we too small for you guys?” Often followed by …

How much does web design cost?

As a Bend Oregon web design agency, we’ve been around, a long time.

We’re quick, nimble and competitive. We’re in-house. This means we’re integrated and you don’t signup to work with a group of folks only to find 10 different folks across 10 states managing your project and doing the work. We’re WordPress folks. And most importantly, our clients seem to love us. I guess that’s why we’ve been doing what we do for so long.

We’re never too big for our clients. In fact, at only 10 people, we feel like we’re just the right size. You can check out our Bend Oregon web design team and stop by to say hello. We work with companies from the one-person show with no more than a big idea to fortune 500 companies. How we can move from micro businesses to big businesses, we’re not exactly sure. But we think it’s due in part to being in the business as long as we have. And showing up every day to kick butt with creative awesomeness for our clients.

Now, regarding how much web design costs. Not as much as you’d think. We’ve been doing web design and branding since the web came around. In the days when websites were built from html and static content. Because our web design process is lean, we can be both quick and effective, making it easy for small businesses, even the super small businesses, to afford a new website design and still have budget left over to get off the ground and achieve results in their business.

Exactly how much web design costs depends upon specific design needs and whether you need help creating web content (copywriting) and how complex (how many pages) the website will be. However, we have options for everyone. Our Bend Oregon web design team includes web design, web development and SEO folks that love spending their time designing websites that not only look pretty, but that deliver results.

As a Bend Oregon web design agency, web design examples can be found on the recent work section of our website. If you’re interested in learning more, discussing your needs or discussing anything related to branding and web design in Bend, Santa Barbara, or around the world, give us a call.

We’d love to hear from you.