From the

ground up.


When we first met BTL Liners they told us, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” In our team's brand positioning process we would find out what they needed to know to make sure they were well-positioned in their markets.

Rebrand: Maybe

In the beginning, it didn’t seem like a rebrand was on the table for BTL Liners. They wanted to learn about our positioning process and improve their marketing campaigns and reach, but were happy with their brand.

Rebrand: Yes

As our team went through the positioning process, we incorporated a budget to modify the logo while retaining the original brand. The shareholder response was electric. From there, the rebranding process was underway.

Logo design.

Seeing the new logo design supercharged the synergy between the teams. The logo tells the BTL story with the same passion as their previous logo, but with a more modern look. The resulting icon encompasses the applications and industries BTL serves, while the centralized drop represents water, oil and waste containment. The upper blue represents natural resources and above-ground applications, where the lower charcoal conveys an industrial presence and underground natural resources. BTL’s liners, covers and tarps help protect the earth’s most valuable natural resources, now illustrated in their new iconography and logo.

Web design

and development.

Integral to the rebranding process was the design and development of a new, custom website. Our team created designs that conveyed the same strength and quality as the new logo, wrote the content that would capture their visitors and coded the new responsive website with a secure shopping cart. BTL’s new website is interactive, informative and designed for a premium user experience across devices.

Email marketing.

The team incorporated monthly email marketing to reach BTL’s diverse audience. We designed branded email templates for easy customization, faster production and consistent branding. We utilized insight from the campaigns to track email with ease. From the business cards to the website to the email marketing campaigns, BTL now has a solid and consistent brand presence.

Social media.

BTL Liners’s social strategy

from 1 to 500 likes

Through the expertise of the Savy team, BTL Liners generated very positive results after initial launch. Four months into launch, the campaigns are seeing a 975% increase in interaction rate with its audiences, 10 times the interactions, attributing positive correlation with purchases, and on the website, a 300% increase in sessions. Savy blogs for BTL and manages the social media and marketing campaigns for the company. Where BTL used to see one to two likes on social media, the company now see 500+ likes, dozens of shares and inquires on Facebook, blogs and through their online forms and web store from all over the world.


Through the expertise of the team, Savy generated extremely positive results in the first few months of launch:

Impressions 0

Social Media 0

Social Traffic 0

Interactions 0

Sessions 0

Organic Search 0


I want to tell you how pleased we are with the relationship we have with Savy Agency. I enjoy every moment we spend sharing ideas and formulating strategies. This week was epic with the launch of our beautiful new website. The immediate attention by your team is swift and professional. We are especially fond of our new branding and logo design and have received wonderful feedback from our clients. You have under-promised and over-delivered. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Michael Baron - BTL Liners



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