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Cascades East Transit approached Savy with an outdated website. Much of the content was image-based, so not only was it not search friendly for users, but it wasn't searchable by the search engines. The Cascades East Transit web team couldn't update the site themselves, so it wasn't the resource for their riders they needed it to be.


The new sitemap and site architecture was moved to our design teams, were we designed the new Cascades East Transit website. Close communication was kept with the CET teams throughout the design process and while creating the content, so that the site was designed in the most user friendly fashion for transit riders.


Following the design and development of the website, supporting digital collateral, such as the email marketing platforms and social media profiles, were designed and integrated. Additional digital and print collateral was designed to support the rollout of the new Cascades East Transit brand presence.


The Savy team first set out to map out the customer experience and plot the paths users would take on the site to get to where they needed to go. Resources such as transit alerts and map-your-transit were brought to the forefront while frequent rider questions, such as transit rules, fare information and other questions were reorganized into a responsive and user friendly format.

Web design

and development.

Integral to the revised Cascades East Transit digital presence was the design and development of the new, custom website. Our teams worked from the revised sitemap and site architecture and designed and developed the new responsive website with interactive features, such as route mapping and rider alerts. Cascades East Transit’s new website is interactive, informative and designed for a positive rider experience across devices.

Email marketing.

The design team created the email marketing platform to connect with Cascades East Transit’s audience. We designed branded email templates for easy customization, use and tracking. From the website to the branded collateral to the email marketing, Cascades East Transit now rolls with a solid and consistent brand presence.

Social media.

From static to dynamic

Through the expertise of the Savy team, Cascades East Transit generated positive response from both its internal and external stakeholders. Brand interaction increased, website visits and usage spiked and email open rates continue to trend upwards. Cascades East Transit plans to continue its efforts towards connecting with its riders and providing them the interactive tools and resources they need when planning and riding transit in Central Oregon.


We were not expecting the site migration or the shopping cart to be finished so quickly. This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Thanks to your whole team for all your help with the design and development of the new website and supporting collateral. We’re very happy with it!

Judy Watts - Cascades East Transit



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