call for unparalleled creativity

Now’s the time to refine, to enhance, to create something great. Our team is still right here, working hard, bringing brands to life. 

This isn’t our first crisis.

Our industry veterans were around during the dot com crash and in our first few years, Savy sailed through the Great Recession. What did we learn from these experiences? The brands that will survive are the ones that stay on their hustle. While we’ve never seen anything quite like coronavirus (it is novel, after all), we’ve seen the resilience, courage, and creativity of small businesses during and after times of crisis. 

Let’s get to work.

There’s a big difference between surviving and thriving. At Savy, we’re positioning brands to emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever before. We’ll help you double down on your brand values, increase market share, and grow your audience. It’s time to get to work.

How we’re helping

Savy works with brands across industries, sectors, and markets. We’ve seen firsthand how COVID-19 is pummeling some and leaving others unscathed. As a small business ourselves, we also know the financial impact and anxieties of COVID-19. To empower our brand partners, we’re rolling out some helpful incentives:

COVID discount

10% off

We’re offering a 10% discount on new projects. This applies to one-time projects that begin before the end of June, and for new monthly services through the end of June.

Payment plans

3 or 6-month

We’re offering 3 or 6-month payment plans (depending on project size and scope) on one-time projects in lieu of our standard 50% retainer requirement.

We want to remove as many obstacles as possible so that our partners stay a step ahead of the competition.

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