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Grace Bio Labs felt their current website was confusing and limited. They needed an easy-to-navigate medical ecommerce website that would cater to their niche audience as well as SEO to ensure their business would be found in the search engines. They also wanted to update their logo to something more modern and fresh.

Logo refresh.

Savy’s design team brainstormed to design a new logo that would modernize their existing symbol of a sail while shifting the tone from somewhat sterile to bright and fresh. We updated their color scheme and created a new logo that was easy to apply and recognize on very small applications.

Web design

and development.

In the meantime, our content team carefully crafted and researched medical-specific SEO optimization while keeping an eye out for Grace Bio’s ideal clientele. The Savy team used technical and industry-specific writing to match what Grace Bio’ audience wanted to see.

We collaborated extensively based on the client’s specific needs and feedback to ensure perfection. Grace Bio’s sales doubled in the first week of launching their new site, thanks to a clean and user-friendly website coupled with well-researched and SEO-rich copy and a fresh look.

Simplified design.

Our design teams redesigned the website keeping a core audience in mind. The simplified design interface supported mobile users with different goals and needs.



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