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Leading Edge came to Savy with a couple websites for the different divisions of the company. They wanted to refresh the brand and web presence and provide a better user experience for their customers. Our team conducted an initial brand audit, including CBBE modeling, to get a clearer picture of the sources of brand equity. From our insights and preliminary brainstorms alongside the Leading Edge team, we decided to make slight adjustments to the brand and recreate the online experience. Since the existing digital presence provided users almost everything they were looking for but under different websites, we decided to move everything under one roof. Our teams got to work on designing the landing page experience to optimize interactions and content, and to provide an experience that supports the brand and is easy to use and to navigate.

Logo refresh.

The refreshed logo design retains the elements Leading Edge liked, such as the brand swoosh, but with a more modern lockup and style and without the traditional gradient, which was hard for Leading Edge to manage in print applications. The green color from the helicopters was incorporated into the icon to tie the different elements of the brand together.


Web design

and development.

Leading Edge’s website had years of content and service offerings, however, there was some duplication of content across the websites that was hard to find. To avoid duplicate content issues with the search engines and to support the experience of the user, we designed and developed the website to allow for each section to share a top-level design but provide a unique offering and content.


Simplified design.

Our design teams redesigned the website keeping a core audience – tech savvy flight students – in mind. The simplified design interface supported mobile users with different goals and needs.



So great to have this beautiful website up and running fully. We have received so many compliments and awesome feedback from our customers and employees. Finally, our site really reflects the professionalism of our company and gives us so much room to grow. Thank you!

Marti - Leading Edge Aviation



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