tuesday cocktail club.

The best drink you’ll have all week.

Tuesday Cocktail Club (TCC) began with a simple brief: You shouldn’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy life. The canned “anytime” cocktail company—owned by Bend favorite Avid Cider Company—came to Savy for a website that could capture the playfulness and spirit of their wine-based cocktail brand. With the goal of raising brand awareness and driving sales, we got to crafting.


TCC has a strong brand proposition for customers as “the best drink you’ll have all week.” With a saturated market for canned cocktails, we needed to create a unique and visually appealing website where the product was the star. Drawing inspiration from the client-provided logo, our design team utilized the brand’s retro color palette of orange, purple, and yellow (reflecting the can colors) and cocktail-inspired icons.

We kept the page navigation short and sweet—Cocktails, About, FAQ, Contact, and Cocktail Finder—to let the products speak for themselves. Without an online sales platform at the moment, the ultimate CTA for potential customers was to use the Cocktail Finder—something that we kept prominent throughout the site. With stunning visuals of the cans and poured drinks, we aimed to delight and surprise at every click and scroll.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

Appealing to our customers’ wants wasn’t limited to site design. Alongside creative imagery and iconography, our copy was evocative and imaginative. Phrases like “crack open the possibilities,” “refreshing zing of mint,” and “a splash of fun” told the story of canned cocktails made for a good time. Behind this imagery-forward content was a targeted SEO strategy that was imperative for TCC to compete at a national level.

By keeping content simple, strategic, and full of rich storytelling, we complemented the brand’s elevated yet playful designs.