Villano | MD is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery group practicing in Bend, Oregon. Dr. Villano received his medical training at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. After obtaining his M.D. in 1995, he went on to complete an Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery residency followed by a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. Dr. Villano has been practicing in Central Oregon since 2001. Initially, our team was called upon to design and develop a new, responsive website to showcase the brand's facial and aesthetic capabilities. During our discovery process, it became clear that a revised positioning was needed for the Villano | MD brand.


Repositioning Villano | MD as more of a lifestyle facial plastics and aesthetics brand, our team launched the revised brand identity across channels and currently manage the organic and paid marketing and branding initiatives for the company, including social media, email marketing and PPC campaigns.


We conceived the tagline ‘Timeless Beauty’ and a campaign showcasing timeless, black and white studio photography to highlight the beauty in every face and across generations. We utilized inhouse photography and outside videographers to capture real-life case studies highlighting the timeless beauty Villano | MD services have helped provide, as well as a 30-second branding spot for the Dr. to use across social media and television.

Email marketing.

The team incorporated email marketing to reach Villano | MD’s local audience. We designed email templates for special occasions such as for birthdays and events and enabled the Villano | MD team the ability the customize them on the fly. We utilized insight from the campaigns to inform our paid and organic strategies, which produced even greater results. 


Through the expertise of the team, Savy generated extremely positive results in the first few months of launch:

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We are so pleased with the entire brand, the website, everything that's been designed and the work with Savy so far. We know that we're in good hands with Savy and are seeing the results of the new brand and all of it's supporting elements so far. Thank you for the excellent work!

Tracy Villano - Villano | MD



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