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Savy Agency has provided branding, web design and digital marketing for clients across the country since 2007. Our founders and experts are industry veterans with years of experience building enduring brands. Today, Savy Agency’s team of strategists, writers, designers, and developers in Bend, Oregon and Santa Barbara, California share a passion for creative branding and translating stories into engaging user experiences. As a global digital marketing agency, our teams speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian – all under the same roof.
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In today’s digital environment, customers come from multiple avenues and touch points including websites, blogs, web searches, and social media before making the decision whether or not to buy. Clear, ongoing communications make businesses better positioned to attract new customers. Business with intentional and engaging brand positioning average see 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.


At Savy Agency, we keep a pulse on the market so you don’t have to. We create experiences to match your stories with custom branding across a variety of platforms. By analyzing consumer behavior, we craft a presence for you that wins customers and creates loyalty. We offer brand planning, positioning, and identity to keep you on top.
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Behind the name

Contrary to what it may seem, Savy isn’t a unique spelling for savvy, although our clients love saying Savy and find the association with our savvyness. When our brand was born in early 2007, we were Sävy Agency. Sävy is a Finnish word for hue. Hue is the color location in the spectrum and each color tone is responsible for its own wavelength. The basic shades are red, blue, green and yellow, however there are an infinite number of shades, and shifts between them are seamless. The neat thing about hues is that they remain constant even through lightness or darkness.


As our brand grew and the name became strong in the market, we dropped the umlaut and simply became the Savy you know today.
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SEO specialists

Effective search engine optimization now requires a synergistic blend of professionalism, skill, hard work and a true understanding of ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Google partner

Savy Agency is an accredited Google Partner in the top 5% of all partners. As a local, full-service digital marketing agency with 7 Google Certifications and 10 years in Bend, Savy is well-positioned to achieve your goals.


Our team is certified by Google to increase your ROI. Savy’s certified professionals ensure that all communications deliver a consistent and engaging brand voice across all channels that are centered around the unique needs of your and your audience. Our methods are optimized to attract the most attention from ideal audiences and search engines.
Google partner

Strategic marketing

Our constantly evolving world makes it difficult for brands to keep up. At Savy Agency, we keep an ear to the ground and a tab on the market. We create experiences, connect people and help businesses tell their stories with solid branding and messaging that wins customers and creates loyalty. By understanding consumer behavior, we gain valuable insight into how brands and people interact.
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Brand consistency

The key to brand identity is consistency. From your brand’s design to your web design and how it connects to your social media, everything is visible. Users cross between your website to Google + and read reviews. Businesses who can master the art of branding and messaging can win customers, and their loyalty.





We prefer play. Savy folks work smart and play hard. Naturally, we don’t live in Bend and Santa Barbara for nothing. While at work we gain market insight, solve customer problems and have fun. If you’re the best at your craft and looking for work, contact Savy. Please include a link to your portfolio with your information — and all the things that make you awesome.