Savy provides strategy, design, branding, marketing, advertising, development and technology services to innovative brands around the world. These marketing case studies represent a fraction of the 500+ brands we’ve designed and built since 2007. If youd like to see a marketing case study of work we’ve done in your industry, just let us know!

800 Santa Barbara Web

800 Santa Barbara. Upcoming luxury living in downtown Santa Barbara.

marketing case study, 800 santa barbara

WK Studios. Data-driven creatives crafting stories that stick.

Fluorofinder Web Design
FluoroFinder. Search. Find. Design.
marketing case study, rincon winery
Bowhead Transport. We Are of the Sea.
marketing case study, rincon winery

Le Parfait. Preserving what’s best.

marketing case study, 800 santa barbara

Rincon Mountain Winery. A family winery rooted in tradition.

marketing case study, pahlisch

Brentwood Fine Wines. Life’s better uncorked.

marketing case study, ablis

Ablis CBD. Work. Play. Ablis. Repeat.

marketing case study, 800 santa barbara

Mission 22. United We Heal.

marketing case study, rincon winery

C&D. A full service accounting firm.

Crater Lake Spirits

Crater Lake Spirits. Tap into your spirit of adventure.

Bend Spirits. Looking for a spirit guide?

Byers Scientific

Byers Scientific. Empowering growth.

marketing case study, pacific quest

Pacific Quest. Teaching sustainable growth.

Resident. Putting the real back in real estate

Pahlisch homes website
Pahlisch Homes. A home for every stage of life
Visual Forester Brand Strategy

Visual Forester. Digital tree stands, real solutions.

Stereo Planet. Branding and marketing support for a staple of Bend since 1980.

marketing case study, pahlisch

Pahlisch Rosedale Vendage App. Progressive web app for Pahlisch communities in 3D.

Bend Plastic Surgery

Bend Plastic Surgery. A lifetime of beauty.

Northerly. For the grainer good.

La Duke College Counseling. The bridge for students to succeed.

branding case studies, mcclean

Argue Custom Homes. Stunning visuals and modern layouts.

Cement Elegance. Long lasting statement pieces.

branding case studies, mcclean

Little Red Wagon Granola. Simply natural and delicious

Tualatin Imaging. Quality Imaging for Quality of Life.

branding case studies, mcclean

Dana Foster Interiors. The heart of design.

All Access. The new look of performance staging.

branding case studies, mcclean

Hercules Partners. A Global Supplier Performance Management Organization.

Deschutes Dermatology. Medical Aesthetic.

branding case studies, mcclean

Wovven. Empowering creators and consumers.

CNC Homes. Modern home builders with technology that makes sense.