A premier California music and arts enrichment academy aimed at helping kids express themselves in school.

Founder David Chiorini’s lifetime passion for music education found an outlet with a shortfall of music instructors in K-12 schools. After 20 years of teaching, composing, and designing music education programs, the passage of Proposition 28 bolstered David’s ability to scale his music education program across California.

When David approached Savy, his goal was simple: become the premier provider of after-school arts education programming and instructors for schools in California. For this, David needed a brand logo, brand voice, website, go-to-market strategy, and the launch of new social media channels to spread the word.

Brand Voice Development

David requested that Savy bring whimsical, people-centric imagery, and unity to his branding. He wanted the playfulness and vibrance of working with kids to reflect in the typography and color choices on his website. 

However, another audience David desired to serve was ELOP after-school program coordinators for school districts. This was a more professional, academic audience so Savy helped David tie in some of these audience’s needs to his branding by emphasizing ASMA’s history, vast network of reputable music teachers, and reliable partnerships with existing school districts.

Logo Design

David was starting from scratch with the need for a new logo. He was open to something colorful that symbolized the musical aspect of his passion for education without being too literal or cliche. Savy’s design team created a logo that embraced a rainbow spectrum of colors, emphasizing the inclusive spirit of his branding using a tambourine as iconography that incorporated the sound and movement aspects of David’s classes.

Website Design
& SEO Copwriting

Creating positive musical experiences with kids and teens is a main storytelling angle for David’s website. Our team incorporated the importance and diversity of music styles in using imagery throughout each site’s landing pages. Kids are the focus, with additional emphasis on providing detailed class information, a peek at the music theory inspiration behind the programs, and benefits for ELOP coordinators to use ASMA programs. Keyword-focused pages lock in the SEO strategy for David’s site, driving organic traffic visits, specifically for ELOP, Proposition 28, and after-school enrichment program content.

Social Media Positioning
& Strategy

Part of a multi-pronged marketing strategy for ASMA’s brand launch included social media marketing on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Savy helped David tap into the playful aspects of working with kids on his social media channels by including fun facts and humor on Twitter and Instagram, while also showcasing photos of annual recitals and teacher highlights. LinkedIn will allow for David to network across ELOP coordinator groups and reach potential leads in the industry with this helpful content.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Lastly, timing the website launch with upcoming spring industry events meant David needed a go-to-market strategy to bring together all of the aspects of his new brand. Savy helped him identify key performance indicators important to him, including new leads, growing his brand strategy, gathering email subscribers from industry events, and announcing the launches of expanded programs and musical instructor hires.

Ongoing Support

Savy works closely with ASMA to manage ongoing services, including website support, keyword research, blogging, and social media and paid ad campaign management. David’s 20 years of expertise in music enrichment programs and the additional public funding for these programs have positioned him to launch as a thought leader in the space.