We Are of the Sea.

Bowhead Transport is a marine cargo transport company with decades of experience providing transport and support services across various industries. As an Alaskan Native Corporation, they’re deeply connected to the northern land and surrounding seas. The Bowhead team came to Savy for a ground-up website and distinct brand presence of their own, having always existed under their parent company’s umbrella.

Brand Voice

A brand voice is an internal document that sets the tone for future web and social media content, marketing, and internal communications. For Bowhead, it was imperative that we begin the project with this step to identify the brand differentiators that set Bowhead apart from its parent company. Through client interviews and industry research, we identified the brand’s voice pillars as decisive, instructive, and aboveboard. These pillars helped communicate the brand differentiators, including the company’s capabilities, timeliness and flexibility, and quality of service.


The Savy team worked closely with Bowhead’s General Manager to create a contemporary, engaging site that stands out from the competition. Our design and development teams worked together to create a responsive site with dynamic imagery and streamlined navigation. 

The biggest challenge was creating a website that communicated Bowhead’s longstanding values while modernizing the site and bringing its services to the forefront. They wanted a look and feel completely separate from the parent company but also felt true to their brand.   

The result is a sleek, modern site that serves Bowhead’s clients well by clearly highlighting the company’s services, values, and story. The darker design highlights the stunning imagery of current transport barges and heritage photos.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

With the brand voice and story more clearly representing the individual tone, we began work on the site content. It was important that we clearly identify and define the brand’s services, its longstanding experience, and its connection to the land as a Native corporation. The updated content outlines the brand’s services more clearly and details the various vessels used.

Overall, the Bowhead Transport site modernizes the marine cargo transport experience and is a resource for the brand’s clients worldwide.