caldera family medicine.


A comprehensive, compassionate family practice in Bend, Oregon.

Caldera Family Medicine (CFM) is a newly re-branded family practice located in Bend, Oregon. The practice underwent significant changes when its new leadership team took over in 2023, and it needed a new website and social presence to reflect these changes and provide valuable resources to its patients. The CFM team enlisted Savy’s help to modernize their web and social presence and more effectively communicate their services to the Central Oregon community.

Brand Voice Development

Establishing a brand voice ensures cohesion across all written brand communications. During initial discussions with the CFM team, we knew their brand pillars of compassion, integrity, knowledge, and respect were crucial to communicate. With the addition of brand differentiators like comprehensive care, practitioner-led team, and supportive relationships, we established their voice as educational, warm, and encouraging. 

This internal document set the tone for the future web and social media content, marketing, and internal communications.

Logo Design

The CFM team had a strong sense of the visual impression they wanted to make, but were unsure how to get there. In logo conversations, the client communicated a desire to connect their brand to the local community—which included a heavy emphasis on nature-inspired imagery. With the caldera name and meaning established, we took their preference for topographical components and created a logo that communicated the transformative power of nature. The topo lines creating an oval also communicated the brand’s emphasis on community and connection. 


With the brand voice and logo created, we began work on CFM’s new website. As a newly formed business (built from a previously-established practice), they wanted a fresh, modern, and inviting way to communicate the practice’s varied services and core values. We kept the upper navigation simple, so patients could easily find information about aviable services, practitioners, and necessary forms. There is a heavy emphasis on lifestyle imagery, practitioner images, and the company’s distinct color palette and topographical details.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

In addition to keeping the site simple and user-friendly, it was also important to incorporate a rich SEO-strategy into key service landing pages such as Women’s Health, Pediatrics, and Behavioral Health. From the simple upper navigation, we created robust dropdown pages that expanded upon service offerings, provider information, and patient resources. It was also important that we fully communicated the practice’s story, mission, and values.

Ongoing Support

After the new website launch, Savy’s design and content teams began ongoing support services for Caldera Family Medicine that include social media, monthly newsletter, and regularly updated TV lobby slides. Just as the new website communicates the services and clinic differentiators, our ongoing support services engage with patients, tell the brand story, and communicate value to the community.