Curating communities in Oregon’s unique coastal landscape.

When Depoe Hills partnered with Savy, their team had ambitious and clear goals for its master-planned Oregon coastal communities. The company’s values center on helping people make memories, experiences, and connections with family, friends, and nature in a unique coastal landscape. So, after breaking ground on this new development, Depoe Hills sought help to create a new website, logo, and go-to-market strategy to launch these exciting coastal properties.

Brand Voice

During the brand voice development process, Savy helped Depoe Hills identify its core values, such as integrity, respect for nature, playfulness, and intentionality. With location being a major aspect of the brand, Savy helped Depoe Hills create a concentric look and feel with upscale, relaxed, and lifestyle-centric coastal imagery. Savy also supplied Depoe Hills with evocative, emotional language to help them position these communities in a grounded, accessible way to their primary audiences: second home owners, full-time residents, and investment buyers.

Logo Design

Part of Savy’s full-scale marketing services for Depoe Hills included a full logo design. The Depoe Hills team expressed a desire to feature their distinctive neighborhood tower as inspiration for the logo iconography. The tower boasts a 360-degree view of the community development, with stunning coastal views. The artwork is an illustrative nod to the lifestyle benefits of living in a community and is reminiscent of famous historical lighthouses in the area. The logo was done in a sketching style that renders similarities to site building plans. 


Depoe Hills wanted a website that combined the project’s stunning landscapes with the company’s high values for connecting people through its modern, invitational living spaces designed with vantage points in mind. For this reason, the ocean provided a major inspirational backdrop for the website imagery and design. Savy helped Depoe Hills create separate landing pages for each of its emerging ocean communities, highlighting lifestyle amenities and informational sitemaps for homebuyers.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

Our on-site SEO strategy for Depoe Hills’ new communities, resulted in a balanced blend of local and branded key terms targeting Oregon coast real estate seekers and vacation homebuyers. Weaving these key terms seamlessly into community landing pages allows Depoe Hills to target specific homebuyers exploring their communities through the website. Savy also needed to communicate Depoe’s connection to sustainable living and smart design principles.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Naming the project’s emerging communities was crucial in helping with Depoe Hill’s go-to-market strategy. Savy assisted with these key branding decisions for the communities, helping to identify key market indicators around home buying trends and completing a competitor analysis of similar regional communities.

The go-to-market strategy included a multi-prong approach to success, aiming to increase brand visibility and engagement across social media platforms with paid search, increase brand engagement, and grow a following across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram in the first quarter of its services with Savy. Email marketing was included in this comprehensive approach, with an expected boost in sign-ups from homepage visits and email subscriptions.

In addition to digital marketing strategies, Savy formed a robust print collateral plan for the new Depoe Hills look and feel for print collateral, including brochures, business cards, development signage, and office collateral.