A real estate development company focused on people, places, and purpose.

Elton Companies’ President and owner, Aaron Elton, grew up watching his father revolutionize the senior housing industry alongside his business partners. He committed to building on this legacy when he established Elton Co. With their vision of building a more connected future, they needed a brand and web presence that could stand out in a competitive market.

Brand Voice

As a real estate development company with a niche market, Elton Co. needed a brand voice that could connect with several audiences. Those audiences include investors, potential buyers, land sellers, venture partners, and end-users. With so much variation in the audiences, it was crucial to define Elton’s core values so they could serve as the brand’s cohesive through-line across all channels and with all audiences. 

Once we defined the core values as innovation, authenticity, purpose, and values-based, we outlined the brand voice as conversational, professional, and engaging. To meet Elton Co’s goals, we knew it was imperative the brand retained a sense of connection through all instances of the copy.

Logo Design.

Elton came to the table with design ideas and wanted to work collaboratively to create something new that still respected their roots. The bold, unique font of the new logo includes added space between the top of the T that calls to mind a large building under development. The addition of the icon is a modern take on the clean, sharp lines of a building.

Website Design
& SEO Copywriting

When Elton Co. came to Savy, they had already established their name in the Boise/Meridian market but had yet to establish a strong digital presence. Our primary goal for the website was to highlight the brand’s differentiators—primarily their focus on building connections. To do this, we used storytelling throughout to explain Elton’s history in the market, outline its services, and provide value to both investors and end-users. 

Because our content focused on connection and community, we knew our imagery needed to feel authentic and personal, so we added team-based and local imagery throughout. In addition, the geometrical patterns with Elton’s classic red were much like those on a blueprint and helped keep the site organized and easy-to-navigate. 

The new site is modern and clean both for their B2C and B2B audiences. It also clearly communicates the company’s core values and story while highlighting the projects that will one day become part of its legacy.