embra health.


Mental health evaluation for family building.

Embra Health provides mental health evaluations and support services for family building on all ends of the spectrum—from egg and sperm donor evaluations to intended parent consultations. Founder Dr. Sadaf Sahibzada started the company to enhance the standard of care in the fertility sector. She came to Savy to strengthen her brand presence and give patients a platform to vet their providers, learn about the process, and find additional support.


Embra Health prides itself on a streamlined, transparent, and inclusive process. It was imperative that the website communicated these values from the jump. With imagery inclusive to families of all kids, we designed the site to be easily navigable and welcoming. Dr. Sadaf wanted a simplified, modern site that got straight to the point about what Embra Heath offers, how patients can access those services, and what the process will entail. The upper navigation was simple with the ultimate CTA to use the Contact Us page and form. Ultimately, the site is inviting, straightforward, and clean.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

In addition to keeping the site simple and user-friendly, it was also important to incorporate a rich SEO strategy into key service landing pages such as Egg Donor Evaluation, Joint Counseling, and Ongoing Support Services. From the simple upper navigation, we created easy-to-find dropdowns for each service and resource. Beyond detailing the services and Embra Health’s process to providers and clinics, it was equally important to tell the brand’s story and highlight the licensed clinicians driving that mission forward. Overall, the site content helped to welcome and inform people on the family-building journey.