little red wagon granola.

Handcrafted granola that’s good for the soul and the world.

Little Red Wagon Granola (LRWG) started in a food stall at the North Carolina Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market. From the start, owners Hank and Yolanda Bravo sourced local, high-quality ingredients for their handcrafted granola. When Ven and Rob McMahan acquired the company in 2020, they came to Savy for an updated image of their product––both online and in-person with their packaging.


Savy worked closely with the McMahans to bring their vision for Little Red Wagon Granola to life. The biggest challenge was modernizing the brand and expanding its reach while keeping the essence of its voice and product image. Our design, development, and content teams worked together to create a new, custom e-commerce site with optimized content and branded social media platforms that now host their monthly blogs.

With a simple-to-use e-commerce site, users can order products directly from the site and use the store locator to find them in person. 

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

Little Red Wagon Granola has been producing high-quality products since 2004, but their new owners wanted to expand their brand and the product’s reach. To do so, our content team implemented SEO-rich content throughout the site, with a fully expanded About page that spoke to the brand’s history and mission, and built out product pages with descriptions, ingredients, and allergen information. Throughout the content, we communicated the brand’s mission of healthy people, healthy food, and a healthy planet and communicated its overarching vibrant, youthful energy.

Product Packaging & Design

In addition to the new e-commerce site, it was equally important to design new packaging that communicated their new visual branding but wouldn’t lose longtime fans. We sourced a sustainable packaging brand for LRWG that showcased the company’s growth, commitment to sustainability and balance, and unique granola flavors.

Social Media Branding & Ongoing Support

Lastly, we helped the brand optimize its presence across social media channels so the user experience remained consistent. To keep this presence fresh and strengthen our ongoing SEO strategy, Savy also produces monthly blogs for the brand that outline unique uses for its granola, company and product updates, recipes, and more.