self evolver.

An apparel brand that wears its values on its sleeve.

For Self Evolver’s founder, Kayla, it all started with the phrase: Own Your Evolution. As a mental health professional, it captures the philosophy behind her counseling practice and her own journey. And it was a philosophy she wanted to share with the world through a sustainable apparel brand.

Brand Positioning & Identity Development

To launch a successful clothing startup, we began with the basics. During our initial brand positioning, we discovered an oversaturated market with thousands of apparel brands in the US alone. We also had to consider how 2020 impacted shoppers—from where and how they were shopping to sourcing and sustainability concerns.

During the brand identity development process, we got to the heart of Self Evolver’s brand purpose, goals, and mission. What we found was a socially conscious company that put others’ goals first. This, in turn, shaped the evolution of the clothing line itself. 

We also knew we needed to refine a brand voice that could connect with socially conscious Millennials, the LGBTQIA+ community, and mission-minded Gen Z—three customer profiles that significantly overlapped with Kayla’s counseling practice. The resulting brand has a positive message, an upbeat outlook, and a mission about the self-healing journey.

Logo & Apparel Design

We knew that Self Evolver’s logo would be a cornerstone of their apparel design. In addition to the mental health messaging, the logo features prominently on the brand’s line of super-soft sweats, tees, and tanks. Our design team created a logo representing water’s constantly evolving nature to capture the idea behind the healing journey and a “glass half full” mentality.


The website is where Self Evolver’s apparel first came to life. Our website designers used clean, modern lines, a user-friendly shopping experience, and big, bold apparel images to help tell the brand’s story. We know that most websites have just seconds to connect with their audience. So we opted for a home page experience that put Self Evolver’s mantra front and center. In conjunction with a full-screen hero image, this communicates the primary message quickly and powerfully.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

Throughout the site, it was important to communicate the brand’s story, values, and self-empowerment mission. We implemented strategic keywords throughout the main pages to boost the brand’s SEO and appropriately position it within its market.

One critical feature of the website is the Self Evolvers page, which tells the inspirational stories of the brand’s superfans. These individuals come from all walks of life and embody what it means to strive for more—not perfection, but purpose.

Social Branding & Campaigns

Once the brand was built, Savy helped support the official launch through social branding, optimization, and a brand launch campaign. During this initial phase, we introduced the brand, the mission, and some of Self Evolver’s inspirational Ambassadors. Since its launch, the brand’s reach has continued to trend upwards, with a 25.4% increase quarter-over-quarter. We’re proud to have helped build a brand that’s breaking stigmas and pushing boundaries on mental health––and looks great doing it.