Christina Brown

Principal, Creative Director

As Savy’s founder and creative director, Christina understands that quality marketing is about more than buzzwords and optimism. Though the ins and outs of marketing and advertising may have changed since she started with startups and brands such as Playboy in the nineties, the heart of the work remains the same: building connections between consumers and the companies they love.

With over 25 years of experience, Christina has been a pioneer of the digital revolution—from the dot com boom to today’s digital takeover. Christina studied Business in Santa Barbara, CA, and worked with offshore brands to meet global marketing objectives. Christina understands that marketing is never a one-off effort and brand evolution is key to growth. Her professional track record attests to her get ‘er done drive and spirit of innovation. Whether she’s working with Fortune 500 companies or working to build a presence for local brands, she believes teams should function as an extension of the client.