Digital marketing agency, Savy

bringing life to brands.

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon with a second location in Santa Barbara, California, Savy is a digital marketing agency that brings life to brands.

digital marketing agency, Savy

Our methods are optimized to get engagement from ideal audiences and search engines.

Accredited Google Partner

Savy is an accredited Google Partner in the top 3%. As a local, full-service digital marketing agency backed by 7 certifications, 3 google specializations and over 12 years in business, Savy is well-positioned to achieve your goals.

We are certified by Google to increase your ROI. Hiring a Google-certified digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads and Google Analytics saves you time and maximizes your return on investment. As a Google Ads- and Google Analytics-certified agency, our methods are optimized to get engagement from ideal audiences and search engines.

Our certified support services ensure your website and digital campaigns are optimized and tracked correctly with the most advanced Google tools available.

Better online experience. Happier customers.

Savy Agency has been creating experiences for clients since 2007. Our teams in Bend, Oregon and Santa Barbara, California share a passion for bringing brands to life. As a global agency, our teams speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Your customers drive the brand landscape. We help them find you.

Customers come from multiple touchpoints, including websites, blogs, web searches, and social media before making a decision. A clearly defined brand makes you better positioned to attract your perfect client. In fact, businesses with intentional and engaging brands see on average 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability.

We get you. Let’s get together.

We keep a pulse on the market so you don’t have to. We study markets, aggregate data, and synthesize information to connect your brand to your users. By analyzing market behavior, we craft a presence for you that wins customers and creates loyalty to keep you on top.

Behind the name.

When our brand was born in ‘07, we were Sävy Agency. Sävy is the Finnish word for hue. Hues remain constant across the spectrum. The spelling is one-of-a-kind, and so are we. As our brand and reputation grew, we dropped the umlaut and became Savy Agency.

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digital marketing agency, savy agency

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