Logo Design.


Our skilled design team creates logos that represent the heart, soul, and values of the brands we serve. With comprehensive and collaborative logo design services, we help your brand make a mark.

Savy’s logo design team creates logos that connect.

75 percent of customers recognize a brand by its logo—and 78 percent believe brand logos are a work of art. At Savy, we have two objectives with our logo design process. The first is to develop brand equality and loyalty with a professionally designed brand. The second is to establish a memorable and trusted identity across all collateral and communications.
Markoa logo mockup

A well-designed logo is like your brand’s fingerprint.

A logo does more than visually differentiate your brand. It also communicates your brand’s values, tells a story, and embodies your brand’s core. A well-designed logo should be instantly recognizable and unshakably memorable, whether text-based or with iconography. Our design team has experience working across industries and helping clients make this important step in creating brand recognition.
Markoa logo mockup

Logo design to truly represent who you are and what you stand for.

At Savy, our logo design process is highly collaborative. We get to know brands at their core—their values, timeless human needs, and what impact they hope to have. This, coupled with industry research and best practices, allows our team to present logo options that fully represent the brand. Our client’s feedback during this process makes the crucial difference between a good logo and a lasting one.

Designing your brand’s legacy.

Legacy brands don’t start out wanting that title. They earn it through consistency, authenticity, loyalty, and adaptability. Good logo design creates an emotional connection with your audience. When done right, a logo will even speak for its brand. No matter the logo application, we help design your brand’s legacy.