From the Nike swoosh to the Starbucks mermaid, your logo is a cornerstone of your brand. Build your identity up by communicating what makes your business unique with striking visuals.
Our logo designers aim to create a recognizable, well-designed logo or icon that accentuates your brand’s personality and identity and builds a recognizable character for your business that will present well across your communications, from print collateral to your online presence.

logo development process

Brand discovery


Whether you are launching a new brand identity or revising an existing one, understanding where you are now is a critical first step.

Uncovering brand purpose


We help brands identify and seize their purpose as they sharpen and transform.

Expertise & ninja-like skills


Our team of hand illustrators, graphic design and strategy folks develop logo concepts with a variety of color and layout options to be presented.

Aim to impact


After we’ve completed a discovery process, we sketch, we design, we revisit and we refine.

Detailed brand guidelines


The brand guidelines document assures brand is kept consistent. All logo versions are created for various uses.

Create brand love.

We use research, ninja-like design and powerful messaging to position and build brands that people love.

To truly connect with someone, you must first understand them. Brands create trust and loyalty by creating communications in a way that connect with people.

When we design a logo to represent and promote the benefits and position of a company, the goals and objectives include:

-Developing brand equity and loyalty with a professionally designed brand

-Establishing a memorable and trusted identity to be used across all collateral and communications

Create something you love.