Social media is a many-headed beast. There are plenty of platforms to choose from (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more) and varying information on what to post — and where and when. But you may have a sneaking suspicion that there are businesses out there doing it right, with tons of consumer engagement, excellent branding, and of course, lots of sales. So what are they doing that you’re not? In this post, we’ll share the top social media secrets of marketing companies in Bend and Santa Barbara so you can up your game.

1. Make Sure Your Website is Already Amazing

This may seem counterintuitive at first. Why does my website matter if I’m trying to send people to my social media pages? The answer is that your website is the true home of your business, and most users that see your social media and are interested in learning more about you, click through to your site.

Your website gives you a distinct advantage: you control the user experience on your website, from the content to the design. Every time you post a blog on your social media, it will take that user straight to your site, where they have the opportunity to purchase from, or work with, you. Before you start pouring money into your social media campaigns, make sure that your business has a solid foundation. Marketing companies in Bend and Santa Barbara know that good branding matters and a user-friendly website are critical to your success on social media.

2. Quality Beats Quantity, Every Time

At Savy Agency, we can’t stress this one enough. Too many businesses are desperate to just post content, often resulting in subpar quality in the hopes that one of their posts goes viral. However, many social media algorithms are adjusting the reach of posts based on performance. This means that if you start with a reach of 100 people per post and average 25 likes per post, 25% of your audience enjoys and interacts with your content. From there, the social media platform could up your reach to 200 people. But keep in mind, this goes both ways. If you have a reach of 100 people and only get 2 or 3 likes per post, future posts will have a lower reach.
Posting quality content that encourages users to engage with likes, comments, or shares will help improve your reach in the long run so you can build up a social media empire — without breaking the bank.

3. One Size Does Not Fit All

Many brands will copy and paste the exact same post and push it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. This isn’t the best way to get engagement, because each platform has a unique focus. For instance, adding hashtags to Instagram posts and Tweets are essential to getting fresh users viewing your content. On the other hand, Facebook relies mostly on growing exposure within the network of your current followers via tags and shares. Marketing companies in Bend and Santa Barbara know that it’s important to tailor each post to the platform you’re posting on to get optimal results in your campaigns.

4. Marketing Companies in Bend Know to Play Up Your Brand’s Unique Voice

Every company has its own voice to help them stand out from the competition. You’re not a robot. A post that works well for one business, whether it’s light-hearted or straightforward, might not work for your brand. Just as your brand might do at a conference or how you dress in a public setting, the persona of your brand on social media should be consistent with the essence of your brand.

Keep things relevant, appropriate, and engaging. After all, this is the face your business is using to speak directly with current and potential clients. If you want to excel at social media marketing, you have to know how to emphasize what makes you and your company so special.
For too many businesses, social media has become an expensive way to shout from the rooftop as opposed to connecting authentically with users.

As a marketing company in Bend and Santa Barbara with clients across the nation, our team at Savy Agency seeks to break that stereotype. By using social media strategically and genuinely, social media platforms can be a fun and effective tool to get your message across to wider audience than ever before. Who knows — you might even make a friend or two along the way.