Connecting brands to people.

Savy helps clients achieve their marketing objectives while creating action with users.

We use real-time, past, and learned data to understand the customer process and develop the channels that serve them. Our teams help clients across the paid, earned, and owned landscape to design, develop, and support them with integrated marketing campaigns that move the brand forward. Our talented teams deliver the most impact while also meeting brand objectives.

Brand Voice Discovery

It’s not just about telling your story. It’s about telling it well. During our brand voice discovery process, we’ll conduct market research to craft a brand voice that speaks your customers’ language through their prefered channels, so when your brand talks, they listen.


Let us analyze the channels your brand uses and develop customized strategies across each one. Once a strategy is in place, our team goes to work creating ongoing content for your brand. We incorporate blog posts, newsletters, press releases, social media updates, photography, and other interactive elements such as video for a comprehensive brand experience.


During effective campaigns, the end user has to come first. Our team works with clients to develop integrated marketing campaigns that are designed, executed, and managed under one roof. Our teams – from creative to production – work to find the channels, markets, and messaging that make the most sense for both the brand and the user.
integrated marketing case studies

Hercules Partners

Website design, email, and brand collateral

Considering the average search engine user spends 15 seconds or less on a website, Hercules needed captivating graphics and clear, concise verbiage to capture user’s attention.

SEO and Web
Social Media
Email Marketing
Integrated Marketing
News Writing
Aerial Photography
Video and Animation

We are an accredited Google Partner in the top 3%

We get a range of benefits from being a Google Partner — and it doesn’t stop with us. As our client, you get improved results and higher ranks because of our partnership. As a local, full-service digital marketing agency with 7 Google Certifications and over 10 years in Bend, Savy is well-positioned to achieve your goals.

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