First off, what is digital marketing?

As the internet has drastically altered the way in which information is shared, digital marketing incorporates the use of all digital devices, such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets to engage with technology mediums such we websites, email, web apps and social media. Digital marketing uses several channels to create strategies that are fully integrated (what’s an integrated marketing campaign?) to support and leverage the strengths of these channels.

Now, what is a digital marketing agency?

We believe that to make it in today’s environment, businesses need to move from “us-think to “customer-think”. This is what a digital marketing agency will help you do. A customer-centric model forces businesses to shift the way they look at their marketing. While “push” marketing used to be what worked (we send out the messages expecting our customers are looking for us – such as email marketing where the recipient has not actively sought the message) to a complete shift to “pull” marketing, or inbound marketing, where customers are searching out their own need or solution to a specific problem. Businesses that win in converting these browsers to customers will help them meet a specific need or engage in an experience with their company (we provide helpful information on websites, blogs, and audio and video, and all digital devices, ready to be found when recipients are actively seeking out the message).

This is what a digital marketing agency does. And also incorporates the use of traditional marketing when and where necessary.

So, pull marketing is what I do now, right? Yes. Why is that again?

“The old, traditional and interruption-based “push” marketing just doesn’t work that well on it’s own any longer.”

Users are now educated with the use of digital media. They know that they can search out what they want when they want it. They have control of their friends, their news, their feeds and their broadcasts. Even their news on Huff Post and Fox can be tailored to their specific interests. The modern consumer isn’t that interested in you smacking them over the head with your prefab marketing messages when they’re not interested in hearing them.

3 digital marketing trends a digital marketing agency can help with:

    1. Content Marketing.
      Content is one of my passions (aside from my babies and exceptional husband). And it’s vital to success online nowadays. But this content can’t be stale, can’t be copied and absolutely cannot read like something out of your freshman college business course. The content that you create for your business should be fresh, engaging, informative and unique. By consistently creating valuable content (think industry information that provides both insight and entertainment) through channels available to them and used by potential customers, companies establish authority and trust with consumers.


    1. Image-Rich Content.
      Consumers have less and less time – with more and more things to distract them online. So it’s even more important to not only provide great content but to provide content that’s easy to digest. Part of this includes using engaging images and infographics – which are just images with a minimal amount of text explain a topic and provide statistic information in an easy-to-digest format.


  1. Mobile Content.
    As per Forbes, 87% of connected device sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones, mobile content, including fully responsive websites, mobile sites, apps and tools that provide an optimum experience to mobile users will be more in demand. As users of the web become more common with enhanced mobile experiences, those companies that lack here will likely be surpassed by their competitors.


As always have fun out there. Let us know if we missed anything or if you ever need us.

– Cheers! Christina