When looking for a web designer or web developer, you should first get clear on what you want.

Do you want an attractive, functional, scalable and easy to manage website, or one that just “gets you by”, or is all you can afford at that time? Do you want a website that you can update, blog from and add news and announcements to yourself, or one that you need to hire a web developer for the rest of your site’s life to keep up to date? Do you want a website that will withstand the test of time in technology, preserving and optimizing your investment, or do you want one that will be obsolete in oh say 2 years, or that’s on some proprietary platform that will disappear just as instantly as it hit the market when the partners that stand behind it have a falling out?

WordPress web design may be the solution for you.

WordPress is an open source content management system developed and supported by a global community of developers that is constantly getting better, and is being used by some of the world’s leading websites, while everyone from small businesses to large scale institutions move their sites over to this gleaming platform.

Businesses looking for a WordPress developer hit the web and sometimes end up with a freelancer developer or other times outsourcing overseas. What many don’t know is that the website’s design is a fundamental component, that, when backed by solid, standards-based coding, can make or break a new website.

A full service marketing agency that specializes in WordPress web design can bring the project vision together in a website design that is compelling, well structured and built in accordance with the way the search engines prefer the content. Once the design is approved, the agency will coordinate every aspect of the site’s development with their in-house web development team that ensures the site is coded in perfection with the design.

Benefits of WordPress web development includes:

Usability – This is the biggest advantage of a WordPress website. If you can use Word, you can update your WordPress website. You can edit your pages, blog on the run and manage every aspect of your  content using a web-based login.

Scalability – Scalability and growth is an important facet of your businesses online presence. WordPress web development allows you to keep your website in sync with the latest trends in your industry and needs of your customers. You can release news and announcements that hits the internet quicker that your competitors and stay on top of market changes.

Customization – You won’t need your designer or developer, although it’s good to keep them handy for when you’re ready to expand or make structural changes, as you can customize your website to meet all the requirements of your business. There are thousands of trusted third-party plugins provided by a global developer community to allow you to add features and functionality to your website.

SEO Friendly – WordPress was built on a blogging platform, so it is very SEO friendly, and with a little content strategy and coaching from your web design and development team, will help your website hit the top of search engines quicker. WordPress generates clean codes which are easily indexed by search engines, Google especially. Most professional WordPress developers hand code using semantic techniques that increase the online visibility of the website.

Cost Effective – Last but not the least WordPress is open source, so updating and keeping the site managed and moving forward is a cost effective solution when compared to its benefits.
To gain the competitive edge with WordPress web development, you may want to hire an agency that specializes in WordPress development who have a proven track record of happy clients and successful projects. They should have expertise with all types of designs and layouts that render well from mobile to tablet, and  provide ongoing support as you need it.

As an one of the first exclusively WordPress developers in our region, building full sites within the WordPress platform, our agency has a large roster of well designed and coded WordPress websites, and are happy to assist your web development needs, or even point you in the right direction when you need additional support.

Have fun out there — The Savy Agency Team