A Central Oregon construction company built by design.

CS Construction has been a trusted name in Central Oregon since 2005, building quality commercial buildings and residential estates. The CS team came to Savy with the goal of setting themselves apart from other commercial construction companies in the area by highlighting their projects and their dedication to building a sustainable future in Central Oregon.

Brand Positioning
& Identity Development

Central Oregon is a highly competitive market for commercial construction. In order to correctly position CS Construction in the market, we needed to effectively communicate its differentiators to potential clients. Our biggest challenge was communicating this value despite the market’s high costs and decreased demand. In addition, we considered the growing popularity of sustainable practices, supply chain challenges impacting the market, and the return of the residential ‘ranch.’ 

Our research showed what the CS team had initially thought: that competitors were not utilizing the online space as much as they could to effectively showcase projects and capabilities. With this in mind, we established strategic keywords, overarching goals, and brand values. We knew the CS team highly valued their skilled team and continuous improvement. We used these insights to position the brand as a trusted construction company bringing projects to the market on-specification, on-schedule, and on-budget.

Brand Voice.

When hiring a construction company, clients look for a few things right away—communication, reputation, and value given. With the competitive market that we researched during the Brand Positioning phase, we knew core values needed to be clear from the get-go. In order to show themselves as a trusted partner in the construction process, we knew their voice needed to be authentic and professional. 

By establishing the brand voice, we set the foundation for CS to effectively communicate its purpose with potential clients, workers, or their vast network of subcontractors.

Logo Design.

In addition to their new site, the CS team wanted to modernize their logo and make it more memorable for Central Oregon customers. To support brand recognition, we made CS a bolder and larger font than Construction (as the company is often referred to only as CS). The simple orange line under Construction draws the eye and integrates the brand colors into the logo without compromising the clean, modern look and feel.

Website Design
& SEO Copywriting

The CS Construction website had one main goal: to show potential clients how this construction company would deliver them the most value. To do this, we brought the projects to the forefront—with stunning imagery taking a lead role. 

We knew from our research that potential customers coming to the site were looking for reasons to hire, so the navigation needed to be uncomplicated. We kept only one dropdown under Company to communicate the brand’s history, values, crew, and emphasis on safety. The rest of the site is simplified and project-forward. 

The use of white space throughout draws the user’s eye to the stunning project shots, and the highly organized Commercial gallery makes it easy for users to search by project type. Overall, the new site modernizes the brand and sets it apart in the competitive Bend market.

Social Branding.

In addition to the updated logo and site, Savy updated CS’s social platforms to be consistent with their visual branding and create a cohesive user experience.