Digital Experiences: The Leading Brand Differentiator

For years, digital agency teams have known the importance the intangible assets of customer loyalty. A good brand reputation meant customers should share you with those they know. Today’s it’s not so simple. Achieving intangible brand assets like customer loyalty requires improved customer experiences during the interactions a customer has with a company. We know by data that the first interactions customers have with brands are digital ones. Therefore, brands must prioritize the digital experience and emphasize delivering positive experiences more so than price or even product.

Creating Customer-Devoted brands

Before making buying decisions, today’s consumers have access to all the information they choose. Studies show that in fact two thirds research more brands before committing to a purchase than they did just 10 years ago.
At the same time, these consumers expect their needs to be met wherever they’re at in the buying process – from the physical location to the online channels, the brand should be ready. What does this mean for brands today? In order for brands to maintain competitive edge, they’ll need to prioritize the mobile experience so that customers can leveraging their visual interface of their devices.

Brands 2020

As a digital agency, we’re always thinking forward. We have to. By the time we’ve implemented a new technology, the next step is already in the works. So, what will the landscape look like in 2020? What platforms will be used, what tools will we have available to accomplish brand goals and performance indicators for our clients? The differentiator will be the intangible.

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