How to Use Digital Marketing to Find and Attract Your Perfect Clients

There are hundreds of different ways you can tackle digital marketing: Social media, search engine optimization, Google AdWords and Google Posts are a start. But be careful to avoid standing on your metaphorical street corner and shouting about your amazingness to everyone who walks by.
Try to think about something everyone you know likes and wants. Chocolate? Many adults are lactose intolerant and others think it’s too sweet. A day off from work? There is also someone vying for extra hours at work so they can pull in more income. We all want different things, motivated by our differing views.

Your product is not for everyone. Some people won’t love you and won’t understand the value because it’s just not for them. But someone out there is looking for you. They need exactly what you have to offer. And once they can find you, they will stay loyal and sing your praises to everyone within earshot – that is if you meet their needs and keep them happy. So how do you identify who that is? And once you do, how do you find them?

Get Specific with Your Target Audience

Finding your audience is not all that different from online dating. If you put “sweet, friendly, and smart,” into your search profile, you’re likely going to have a few awkward first dates before finding the person who shares your passions. Casting your net too wide won’t help you in the long run. That’s because people respond more positively to things they connect with. Learning to understand your audience is one of the most important things you can do to help your brand, product or service position itself.

Identify Your Values and Your “Why”

The most important part of finding your target audience is by first looking at your own business. What’s your mission statement? Why did you start your business – or come to work for the business you’re with? Better yet, why do you want to serve this audience?
Sackcloth and Ashes is a great example of using the “why.” This brand sells blankets, and their website has only three pages – shop, media, and story. Their story dictates how their founder was inspired to help the homeless after his mother found herself living on the streets in 2013. He reached out to shelters to learn what they needed most. The answer? Blankets.

Are you more likely to purchase a blanket from a faceless corporation or a brand that donates a blanket to your local shelter every time you make a purchase? Right.

Defining Your Perfect Audience and Finding Them Through Digital Marketing

Start with the most defined market. One profile. What does that person look like? Your ideal audience is the person who gets their needs met by what your brand has to offer.

Imagine you’re renting out a house. Everyone needs a place to live, right? So theoretically, everyone is your client. But a real estate agent is more likely to focus on a high-income married couple in their mid to late 30s with stable income than a college student with a part-time job looking to rent their first place. In the long run, the couple is more likely to benefit from your house than the college student. The couple might decide to get a dog or have children and need the extra space, while the college student might struggle to make ends meet by renting a larger and more well-appointed space. And if they both were to share their experience of renting a home from you, which one is more likely to provide positive reviews?

While your perfect client is is someone who benefits from your service, it’s also someone you choose to target. Your current clients aren’t always your ideal clients. It’s important to find who you help the most and who helps you back.

How to Use Digital Marketing to Attract Your Perfect Client

There are several ways to go about using digital marketing to find the right people. You can check the demographics of fans on your Facebook page and target that group. You can build Google Adwords campaigns to show on sites that your ideal target audience would be using or use the specific terms they’ll use to find you. You can create a beautiful website that expresses who you are and who you’re here to help. You can also undertake some research and market testing to evolve your brand positioning.
The takeaway: you have options. We’re in a micro-moments time when users are more apt to connect with you when you’re there to meet their needs in that moment.

What are your tried and true methods for identifying and attracting the right audience? How have you transitioned from your current clients to your ideal clients? Share in the comments below!