Think about the last time you had friends over for dinner, had girls night out or convened for sports. When people gather, odds are some of their favorite brands gather alongside. From where you shop to the clothes you wear, brand love surrounds us. Think about how often the brands you prefer arise in conversation. We all have those brands – that syrah you can’t do dinners without or that device that’s just easy to use, yes that one.

In order for businesses to vie for a piece of the pie, brand positioning is vital. But what is it and what does that mean? While a well-positioned brand includes visual elements, such as a logo and a website, branding is less about look and feel than it is about meaning and value.
With research and planning, a brand positioning strategy can encompass a change of direction, an enhanced product image, an increased brand awareness and an increase in engagement overall. Brand positioning works to turn a business into a brand – one that customers know and trust. While this can take time, research and understanding, brand positioning is integral to the marketing process. It helps companies find their place, do what they do and tell their story well.

The Importance of a Brand Positioning Process

Regardless of your type of business, where your customers are locationally is important. For example, local marketing will be a concentration for service-oriented businesses while those who sell widgets will target interests. In either case, with a brand brand positioning, you can find that place. In Santa Barbara, service industries like law firms, for example, compete in Ventura County. In Bend, breweries, bike shops or cannabis dispensaries should be prepared for a fight. Before the battle, the most unique and best elements of the brand should be developed, and the story can unravel from there.

Achieving Your Position in the Market

Savy has two home bases – Santa Barbara, California, and Bend, Oregon – however we serve clients all over the world. While our processes are similar regardless of the location, industry or sector we’re serving, differentiating and positioning brands has some fluctuation considering competitive landscapes and market conditions. Nonetheless, we’ve repositioned 100-year old brands in Santa Barbara, developed brand choice for leading edge startups in Bend and created brand preference for competitive clothing designers overseas.

Whether your brand needs a refresh, a reposition or if you want to do it right out of the gate, brand positioning can likely benefit you.
Elements that are taken into account in the brand positioning process include:

  • Non tangible elements, such as brand equity, brand persona and voice
  • Tangible elements, such as colors, logos, print and digital design, including social media


These elements come together to support a well-positioned brand. If you seek competitive edge, buzz-worthiness or engagement across the board, a brand positioning process may be able to help. Contact us to let Savy help get you there.