On June 21, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the new rules and regulations for small unmanned aircraft, or drones. With the rules going into effect on August 29, it’s got us thinking about how these new regulations will affect the use of drones in marketing. From production value to telling stories that could previously never be told, drones could have a large influence on the present and future of marketing.

Previous to the introduction of the FAA’s new drone laws, regulations were tight and only certain states could be used for drone testing. At Savy, we’re hot on the trail of drone news, as we’re a drone branding agency for high-end component manufacturer, KDE Direct. Through our research for KDE, we’ve followed the progression of Nevada-based startup Flirtey and their FAA-approved drone payload delivery flights. Flirtey performed the first rural, urban and ship-to-shore drone deliveries in the United States, and has been a pioneer in the realm of commercial drone applications. Now with the new rules opening up the skies to more unmanned aircrafts, we’re sure to see more uses of drones in marketing.

The Potential of Drones in Marketing

The biggest potential of drones in marketing comes from the possibility to create stunning visual content. Many drones offer the option of flying with 4K video, which allows you to tell your story well with beautiful imagery that may not have been able to be captured before. The potential of drones in marketing covers a wide array of industries and can be used to create exciting and memorable content.

  • Give customers a sense of what they’re buying, or where they’re going
  • Establish an edge over the competition with out-of-the-box content
  • Livestream video from events using drones
  • Giving customers an aerial view provides a different perspective of your event, product or service
  • In real estate, aerial photography and video provide a broader view of the area, which helps potential buyers determine where the property is the right fit
  • Save money renting a helicopter for aerial video by using a drone instead

Drones allow us to tell stories that previously could never be told. In marketing, it’s important to tell your story well. The influx of drones in marketing allows businesses to tell the whole story, not just the parts a photographer on the ground could capture. Drones can fly high above to provide a different perspective and tell a more complete story than with standard visual content and marketing techniques. From use in real estate to give a full view of the house and property from above, to ski resorts being able to topographically show every run, the opportunities for drones in marketing are limitless.

Drone Branding Agency

When considering the use of drones in marketing, which avenue should a company take? With affordable, out-of-the-box options available, some companies may consider purchasing a drone to be used by their in-house team. Creative marketing agencies may begin to offer drone aerial photography and cinematography services to clients. From the looks of it, many startups offering engaging visual content are popping up to accommodate the need for drones in marketing.

Drone startups have the technology and the creativity to produce stunning visual content, but in this up-and-coming industry, how do they position themselves? A drone branding agency can be an excellent solution for establishing and positioning their brand. Whether they are providing drones for aerial photography, public safety, agriculture or energy inspections, choosing a drone branding agency that knows the industry and keeps up on the evolutionary changes within it may be one of the best first steps they can take.

Drone startups and production companies have an advantage in marketing themselves due to the easy access to drone technology. It’s important to utilize that advantage by working with a drone branding agency to find success in this new and constantly changing industry.
Whether you’re interested in using drones in marketing or you’re a drone startup looking for a branding agency, Savy has the experience and resources necessary to help your company take advantage of this new era in visual marketing. View our case study on KDE Direct to get an idea of what we can do as a drone branding agency.