At Savy, we’re pleased to announce our certification as a Google Partner agency. In 2015, we completed the exams necessary to become a Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified agency. Now, we have met all of the requirements to become a certified Google Partner agency.

Google Partner Agency Requirements

  • Create and complete a Google Partners company profile. This allows Google to list the agency on their Partner Search.
  • Get certified in Google AdWords to prove advanced knowledge of the program.
  • Show the agency has a healthy amount of activity by meeting the spend requirement across its managed accounts.
  • Implement Google’s recommended best practices throughout client accounts to maximize their performance.

Along with our certification as a Google Partner agency, we proudly get to display the Google Partners badge on our website, which you’ll see in the footer of our just-revised website.

What is a Certified Google Partner Agency?

Certified Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals and online experts certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts. In choosing a Google Partner agency to manage your Google AdWords accounts you can feel confident that the company is healthy and their customers are happy. At Savy, we’ve proven to demonstrate Google’s best practices as well as all of the requirements to become a Google Partner agency.

Why Google AdWords?

Google AdWords helps business increase ROI, uncover insights and discover how people find you. By choosing a Google Partner agency to manage your AdWords campaigns, you’ll have a professional team on your side. Google Partners keep up with the latest changes and trends in AdWords, and help maximize the budgets you’re comfortable with. Google Partners help you choose where your ad appears, set budgets and measure the impact on your ad.
One of the greatest benefits of Google AdWords is that your ads are displayed to people already searching for your kind of business, which makes them more likely to take action. A Google Partner agency can help you maximize conversions and increase ROI with their professional, certified knowledge of Google AdWords.
Savy Agency is proud to be counted among the elite group of Google Partner agencies. When you’re seeking a certified Google Partner, contact Savy Agency for a Google AdWords evaluation.