Over the last few years, Google has continued to develop Google planning tools that help you work faster and better than ever before.

From Google Analytics to Consumer Barometers

  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics provides insights across desktop and mobile. You can now get as geeky as you want. With Analytics, you can drill down to how your customers are interacting with and searching for your brand across platform. You can also analyze spikes, trends and other competitive metrics.
  • Google Trends – Google Trends uses real time search data. This tool helps you assess consumer search behavior across time periods, zones and search terms.
  • YouTube Dashboard – YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video hub in the world in terms of users and volume of content. With YouTube dashboard, you can keep a track of what is being seen and being shared all over the world. You can also compare trending videos and keep a tab of what users are interested in.
  • Display Benchmarks – Display Benchmarks compares promotional and display campaigns across similarly placed ads, as well as analyzes performance in terms of size and format.
  • Databoard for Research InsightsDataboard for Research Insights is a handy interactive tool for businesses that saves time on data mining. This tool allows you to pull from archives of industry research. A big plus of this tool is its storytelling ability, turning charts and data points into sharable infographics.
  • Full Value of Mobile Calculator The Full Value of Mobile calculator is a simple device that through the upload of Adwords data, assists in estimating the value of mobile for your products or services through apps, calls or mobile sites.
  • Consumer Barometer – Consumer Barometer is an interactive tool with global use. Designed to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world, this tool’s data covers end of last year and spans forty-five countries.

What are your favorite Google planning tools, or your other top tools , and how do you use them in ways that help you do what you do faster and better than ever before?

Let us know what we missed. And as always, how we can help.