Every year we make resolutions. And some are big, some small. Even business owners and brands make resolutions and even though they’re often hard to stick with [insert the ‘we’re bogged down or there’s too many projects on our desk’ excuse], here are three good brand resolutions you need for 2015:

Three Good Brand Resolutions for 2015

      1. Connect with the right people at the right time – and make it matter. If you’re not earning the love of your customers online, you’re spinning your wheels. What people want online is engaging and relevant experiences. As brand owners, we need considerable time and resources to gain the insights and data that bring us closer to our customers in their constantly-connected states. So how do we reach them? Today, we reach them through screens of all shapes and sizes. Brands that use digital advertising to reach customers will find creative flexibility to do anything in ways that matter.
      2. Stay above the line with good content. Brands now have tremendous access today to large amounts of data and inventory with programmatic buying (using software to purchase digital advertising as opposed to traditional buys). Emarketer recently predicted more than 80% of all display purchases will turn programmatic over the next couple years. Thus we’ll see more messaging, quicker and launched more efficiently than ever before. What does that mean for brands? Content better be good to stay above the line and be seen. Both context and content will matter more and more.
      3. Measure brand metrics. Brand metrics can now be measured in more meaningful ways. We can see in an instant if our brand was seen, by whom, who engaged and how. We have deep insights and data in a way that we didn’t have in recent years. We can track perceptions and awareness. We can even measure the next steps and track behavior. This gives brands with the structure in place to measure and track brand metrics and implement the changes necessary a leveraged position.

What brand resolutions have you implemented this year? Are you sticking with them? Let us know what we missed.

Have fun out there, Christina