Ever wondered what happens to the data you share on social media, or through emails or comments? Once you signup for websites, or providers like Google or Facebook, you give up ownership of your data. That data gets tracked by engines and providers continuously. What you search, what you watch, what you listen to, and what your opinions are. It’s all recorded and owned by the well-fed of the market. It does sound creepy, but there’s currently no way to browse without being monitored with tracked data. Our marketing agency Bend and Santa Barbara-based sees what’s on the horizon of Web 2.0.

Web 3.0 and blockchain

Web 3.0 will be about security and transparency. Powered by blockchain technology, consumers will be the creators, and owners of, data. Usually, users create data without the awareness of what happens to it, where it’s used, or how to it’s accessed in the future. Blockchain democratizes to the world of online data, where those who create are the data owners, and maintain ownership once the data has been moved. By design, blockchain will level ad fraud in the media supply chain.

Under blockchain, shared data is tamper-proof, secure, and immutable. Therefore, blockchain has the potential to eradicate the monopoly over web content and advocate the privacy of users. Especially given recent controversies over security policies and public hacking, which have shifted the online world and paved the way for new playing fields.

Features of web 3.0

  • Decentralized networks
  • Single blockchain for an entire system
  • No manipulation of data by central bodies
  • Lowest risk of hacking


Content unleashed

“While blockchain is barely shiny and new, the practicality will need to be flushed out for marketing agencies such as Savy and its brand partners. Currently, the conceptual side of blockchain is garnering attention, especially given issues around data privacy, transparency, and control. We’re excited to watch where it goes and to be already working with pre-ICO clients,” said Christina Brown, Creative Director of Savy Agency, a Bend and Santa Barbara-based marketing agency.

Web in its current form made giants like Facebook and Google factories of content. The users became products that generated content — and in doing so, revenue. Blockchain frees users and puts the ownership back in their hands. And into a position where they can use it anywhere — sell it to advertisers, in efforts to demonetize and decentralize their content, and keep more of their earnings in their court.

So do you think Web 3.0 is going to change the face of the web and in what ways? Our marketing agency Bend and Santa Barbara-based is currently working with products that utilize blockchain technology, alongside other marketing agencies such as Huge, and feel that while blockchain is so new, ultimately, it will be game-changing. Share your thoughts below!