In the branding world, content is king. But who’s the queen that makes big moves behind the scenes? Responsive web design. In our device-driven world, brands that don’t have websites optimized for different screen sizes will fall behind in overall user experience and customer engagement. So, how do you know it’s time to invest in responsive web design services? We’re glad you asked.  

Defining Responsive Web Design 

A small intermission before we jump into who qualifies for a web update to define responsive web design. The name might be a giveaway, but this web design service enables your website to smoothly transfer across device types, screen sizes, and display sizes. In other words: no matter where or how your audience finds you, they get the ultimate brand experience. 

The benefits of this type of design are pretty impressive: 

  • Better user experience: Consistent layout and responsivity means less time figuring out your site navigation and more time adding products to their cart or becoming brand fans. 
  • More cost-effective: With responsive web design, you have one adaptive site versus a version for each device type. Fewer sites equal less overall maintenance and upfront development cost. 
  • SEO friendly: Google loves a mobile-friendly site. In addition to more search visibility and higher organic traffic, these sites boast improved page speed and reduced bounce rates. 
  • Increased conversions: The above factors drive user engagement and experience, which leads to better conversion rates. 

How Do I Know I Need an Updated Site? 

Every brand is different. Maybe you’ve been in your industry for the last couple of decades and need to modernize. Or, maybe, you started out scrappy but have seen incredible growth, and it’s time for your site to catch up. Because every brand’s website needs differ, let’s break it down by client type to see if it’s time to turn to a professional for responsive web design services. 

The DIYer

Who you are: A growing brand whose site doesn’t match your goals. In other words: a bandaid project that needs a permanent fix. 

Why it’s time for a new site: When you started your brand, your lofty goals might not have matched your budget. Now, you need a site that’ll take you where you’re going.

The Good Old Brand

Who you are: Old-school brand with the same website since 1997 (or insert decade here). 

Why it’s time for a new site: Fashion trends might come back stronger than ever, but the same is not true of web design. Out with the old, in with the new.

The Habitual Blogger 

Who you are: Media or corporate brand with a solid SEO strategy and lots to say. 

Why it’s time for a new site: Half the blogging battle is getting your content noticed by search engines and customers alike. Responsive sites keep the experience seamless.   

The Viral Sensation 

Who you are: E-commerce brand that’s become a viral sensation overnight thanks to your social accounts.  

Why it’s time for a new site: Selling out in two minutes is the dream. The nightmare? Your site crashing because it doesn’t have optimal functionality and performance. 

Whether you fit into one of these categories or not, investing in a responsive website has lasting benefits for your brand. 

Explore Savy’s Responsive Web Design Services 

Savy’s web designers have years of experience creating websites that get brands noticed. Our clients cross state lines and industries, but their overarching goals are the same: become a legacy brand with unbeatable experience and lifelong customers.

With Savy’s responsive web design services, we get you to these goals with the following: 

Design Best Practices 

A responsive website begins with a solid understanding of design principles. Our designers are experts in fonts, color palettes, contrast, balance, hierarchy, white space, and variety. Your brand goals are top-of-mind at every step of the design process. 

Flexible Layouts and Images 

Load time is a key feature of a responsive website. If your brand is image-forward, this can create lag, negatively impacting user experience. Our designers keep images looking sharp and loading quickly with image scaling across devices. Performance optimization is key if your site has other large multimedia elements like videos. 

Responsive Typography 

Remember our king, content? He demands to be seen. With responsive typography practices, our designers implement appropriate font, proper alignment and spacing, and scaling ratios that optimize your design. In other words, someone reading a blog on their phone has the same experience on their laptop or tablet. 

Mobile Responsivity 

Speaking of being on their phone, users are used to getting information fast—like seeing it on Instagram and having it in their cart within minutes fast. Our designers format sites to be responsive, then our developers make the process airtight by removing any gaps that could impact user experience. 

Cross-Browser Compatibility 

Responsivity across devices isn’t enough. Your site should also work seamlessly across browsers, from Chrome to Firefox.

Proficiency in Content Management Systems 

Our teams have experience with everything from custom-coded sites to content management systems (CMS) and grid builders. Whatever your brand’s goals, we optimize site design for unbeatable performance. 

Designed and Developed for User Experience 

The last, and arguably most important, element of a responsive site is user experience. Our design and development teams ensure this with basic measures like large buttons, easily-tappable links, intuitive navigation, responsive search, and interactive elements. But, more than that, they create digital platforms fueled by data-driven brand strategies. 

Our Clients’ Sites Speak for Themselves 

We’ll leave these right here. 

ICP Atlanta

The world-class audio production company based in the Hollywood of the South (Atlanta) needed a more user-friendly, dynamic website. With big-name clients on their roster, they knew their site should showcase their work and be highly responsive across devices. The image- and story-driven site featured high-quality images and videos for an immersive experience. 


With an e-commerce platform for premium lithium batteries and accessories, Expion360 needed a site to stand up against large orders (and 50+ new product offerings) and communicate brand values. With a Shopify framework that met their goals, our teams clarified the branding and optimized the user experience to drive sales.


With a visual-forward site, Direct2 needed to combat lag times and decreased user experience. Savy built a responsive site that used high-quality images throughout to visually represent the benefits of on-demand regional air travel.

Industry-Leading Responsive Web Design Services Since ‘07 

In the game of chess, the queen is the most powerful player (stay with us). For brands, responsive web design is the powerful queen that makes king content connect with his audience most effectively. Whether your brand is just starting or 20 years into the game, let’s see how we can take it to the next level.