We all know we have to spend time on social media to get traction, gain followers, improve ranking, and in turn, have more success online. With all the social media changes, when setting up or optimizing your social profiles, it’s hard to know what your dimensions are across each profile. In order to achieve a well branded and consistent social media strategy, it’s important to get the nuts and bolts right from the start.

For starters, visual content and social media are nearly one and of the same these days. As social networks like Facebook and Google+ are increasingly featuring and promoting good visual content, we’ve put together a simple social media design guide to save you time in finding the dimensions for your cover or header photo and profile pic for each of your social profiles. We hope this will help, and encourage you to save it, share it and keep it handy.

If you’re ready to implement our social media design guide and are stuck on where to start, a good place is to customize each social profile with an engaging, well-branded and professional design. Use our handy social media infographic, provide it to your designer, or just ask, we’re always happy to help.


social media design guide