When it comes to launching a startup business, it can be a struggle. While there’s the overwhelming and overarching feelings of excitement and anticipation, a lot of work and anxiety goes into launching a new company. Startup branding may be one of the best first steps you can take to relieve some of your fears, build excitement in the marketplace and successfully launch your latest business venture.
As a startup, you know there are certain marketing and branding goals to achieve before launching your new business. Logo, website design, social media, you know the drill. But how do you position yourself for success in the market? Setting up a Facebook page alone won’t guarantee people know what you’re business does or sells and if there’s even a substantial interest in the market.
In order to position your company for success in your desired market, startup branding should be the first step you take.

Why Startup Branding Matters

You have a great idea for a new product, service, software app, but how do you know if other people will think it’s worth their time and money? While you may be in love with the idea, startup branding can help you launch a brand that speaks to the right customers. Creating brands people love is essential to the success of your new venture and is something that connects and engages them with your company.
The brand positioning process is ideal and highly recommended for startups. A marketing agency like Savy can do the heavy research necessary to create a successful brand that people with connect with and love.
Startup branding and positioning matter because it helps you define your competitors, desired markets and trends. Through primary and secondary market research and analysis a branding agency can help you start your business the right way, by looking at the entire picture.

Launching a Successful Brand

Startup branding is essential. In order to launch a successful brand, it helps to know what customers will love, rather than making assumptions on what they’ll love and hoping for the best. You can have the most beautiful, state-of-the-art website and a well-designed logo, but can still fail to connect with customers if you don’t know what customers care about.

Brand Positioning

The positioning process helps launch successful brands. After undergoing the process you’ll be prepared to take on your desired markets with confidence. The brand positioning process includes:

  • Meetings with key stakeholders including potential/real customers
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Market analysis
  • Definition of competitors, markets and trends
  • Brand personality assessment
  • Identification of core brand attributes

After conducting the brand positioning research, Savy presents our findings and recommendations for creating a well-loved and successful brand. Brand experience and telling your story well matter when launching a successful startup.

Brand Attributes

After establishing your markets, competitors and what customers think of your product, it’s time to start in on the other attributes of your brand – the logo, web design, business cards, collateral and marketing efforts. You already know you need these attributes of startup branding and after undergoing the brand positioning and identity process, you’ll be better prepared to create these key elements.
All of these marketing elements work together to establish consistency within your brand, which is important in today’s marketplace. Creating a familiar and enjoyable customer experience at every touchpoint helps startups solidify their positioning and branding. By incorporating all of these moving parts at the beginning of your startup branding journey, you’re saving yourself from having to find out what went wrong later.
Startup branding has many benefits when it comes to launching a successful brand and business. Avoid potential pitfalls by hiring a digital marketing agency to help with your startup branding process and positioning. It’s the best first step you can take when launching a new venture in the current marketplace.
Contact Savy Agency for more information about the startup branding process and we’ll help you tell your story well from the very beginning.