A call to action is the rallying cry of your brand. It can turn prospective customers casually browsing your website into loyal customers who return and share your brand with others. What could be better? But there is an art form to getting the call to action right for your customers. It includes crafting a high conversion landing page that asks the right customer to take the right action at the right time. But before we jump into all that, let’s discuss the basics of an excellent call to action. 

What Is A Call-To-Action? 

A call-to-action, or CTA, is marketing language we use to describe the reason you want people looking at your landing page. It’s just another way of saying ‘the goal.’ Want someone to purchase your product? Sign up for a subscription service? Volunteer for your organization?

Marketers create a landing page around CTAs to coherently speak to the needs of different customer demographics or types. This means you aren’t just asking the same thing broadly to everyone but are tailoring your offer down to the most detailed need of your audience. And a high conversion landing page means your CTA, design, and brand presence are leading to goal completions. Pretty cool, right? Now, what kinds of CTAs are the good kind? 

Types of CTAs & Goals

Lead Generation Offers: “Get The Download!”

Lead generation CTAs have one specific goal: capturing the attention and information of people interested in your service. This means grabbing more info about new prospects for your service, subscription, product, or cause. 

Earn their trust with a free downloadable resource (adding value to their lives) while simultaneously capturing prospects’ names and emails. Lead generation CTAs may use language like “Download Ebook” or “Start Free Trial” if you’re offering a chance to try your product risk-free and hopefully convert them into a return customer. 

Informational: “Discover More!”

This one’s pretty simple. The goal is to move your audience or customer further down the path of discovery about your product, service, or organization. It could be moving them deeper into pages on your website that help qualify them as good leads. It’s about empowering an intelligent buying decision so you have more happy customers who get what they want. 

All in all, it’s about providing clear, relevant, and timely content. Maybe in the form of “Get Started” or directing them to a free diagnostic tool that helps them decide what they might want from you. Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

Transactional: “Shop Now”

This is the type of CTA we see most often in big all-caps letters: “Buy Now” “Add To Cart” “Download The App” and more. A CTA with clear, actionable language, speaking to the right person in the correct language, is a powerful tool on your website. If you need help to convert more customers with your current CTA, you might want to analyze your audience a bit deeper. What needs do they have according to demographic or product? Speak to those exact needs on one or several landing pages, A/B test them, and take those lessons with you to boost your sales! 

Use Strong Verbs On Your High Conversion Landing Page

Strong, actionable language is at the heart of every high conversion landing page. Using intentional language on your website helps everyone, especially your prospective customers. Eliminate confusion about what action to take on your website with clear steps and action-based language. Verbs like “Buy, see, subscribe, and get” all encourage your customer to do something besides scrolling through your content. It’s an absolute necessity for every high conversion landing page.

Do Something That’s Unmistakably ‘You’ 

Brands can sometimes feel boxed in by what others have done before, but CTAs are a great chance to explore your voice! If your brand is playful, let that fun, spunky side show in what you ask your customer to do. There are so many different ways to say “Shop Now.” Whether you use something casual like “Make Em’ Yours” or something tantalizing like “Just Dropped” this fresh, exciting language will keep them coming back. Building a high-conversion landing page is all about having clear, persuasive, and relevant calls to action for your target audience. But it’s also about having the best digital marketing partner too!

Enlist The Help Of Digital Marketing Pros (Hint, Hint)

Being you is great when it comes to marketing. Still, there’s no replacement for hiring professionals to handle your next campaign or website. The digital marketing space changes daily, and we know it’s a lot to keep up with. So why not hire someone so you can stay focused on the most essential aspects of your business? Get distraction-free and hire a digital marketing agency that promotes your brand and advocates for your goals. Reach out to Savy to discuss how we can help you own your space and kick it into gear with some high-conversion landing pages!