Web and App Development.


Cross-channel platforms & applications.

Leading brands use comprehensive, adaptable platforms and apps to exceed user expectations across channels. Our web and app development services are backed by an in-house team equipped to strategically develop and engineer solutions that meet your customers’ needs.

Web Development.

Savy’s skilled team of web developers write the code that brings unique design concepts to life. From blisteringly fast load speeds to built-from-scratch engagement platforms, custom web development empowers brands and audiences to interact in new ways.

Our expertise includes:

  • Fully responsive web platforms
  • Accessibility and compliance
  • Angular, React and React Native
  • Custom and headless CMS
  • Custom animations
  • Progressive Web Apps
App Development.

A close knit team of A+ developers can run circles around a big team of B and C developers.
Our app development services are backed by our full-service, in-house team who strategically brand, design, and develop apps.

App development expertise includes:

  • iOS and Android
  • Backend development and engineering
  • Technical SEO strategy; including content, markup, linking, local, regional and global SEO, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), ongoing management, and more
responsive web design services, Expion360 site on Mac


Launched in 2002 by two audio visual industry veterans, Tallen started out as Tallen Technology Rentals. Their team approached Savy for a brand repositioning and website design because they felt their skill, expertise, and reach had outgrown their humble roots. They also wanted to develop a digital marketing strategy and continue growing their digital presence.

Frontend Development

Our in-house development team solves challenges through effective web platforms and applications. We can deploy flexible, scalable, and seamless solutions that meet your users’ needs no matter where they are.

Backend Development

Whether you’re integrating a pre-build or building something completely new, back-end development powers your web presence. This behind-the-scenes work takes planning and strategy to engineer scalable solutions.

Headless CMS and React

Our developers employ React and React Native, sometimes with headless CMS, to provide lightning-fast response times, smoother scrolling, and scalable solutions. This empowers our development team to roll out work and new features fast.

Accessibility & Compliance

Our development team develops with accessibility and compliance in mind. Whether we’re building fully-compliant web platforms and applications or developing to uphold accessibility best practices, we keep requirements at the forefront.

Quality Assurance

Anyone can develop messy. But that won’t get you to where you need to be. From pre- to post-launch, we follow a detailed quality assurance process that uses  real people and data to ensure nothing gets missed in the code, the content, or the experience across browsers.

Search Strategy and SEO

Search strategy and SEO must be built in to web platforms and applications. Everything we develop is crawlable, indexable, and rankable, with a content and SEO strategy that ensures it will be elegant, functional, and found. 

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“For anyone looking for a web development and app development agency, Savy Agency will set you up for success and grow with you as your company grows. I am the Digital Project Manager for Pahlisch Homes, and we are a large regional home builder in the Pacific Northwest. In the last 18 months, we’ve worked with Savy for all of our website development, and they are truly a partner to our business. Savy understands our business goals, and they align their vision with what we need while collaborating and making expert recommendations to our team.

Savy Agency’s communication and agility are second to none and are the cornerstone of the work we’ve done together. As Pahlisch Homes has expanded our business and continued to grow, we’ve needed a bigger and better web presence and overall marketing strategy. We’ve gone from one website to eight as our brand has diversified, and we’ve needed all things web development from simple landing pages to a dynamic web apps. Savy has been a trusted advisor and service provider throughout this growth. As we continue to design, redesign, build, and launch new and exciting projects in 2020, Savy will continue to be an instrumental partner in our online marketing strategy and development.”

Laura Scredon Groves | Pahlisch Homes