Savy is a Google Partner agency, a mark of the most reputable digital marketing brands. But what does this mean exactly?  It means our agency is vetted by one of the most influential entities in search! Google holds the keys to the kingdom for best practices in SEO. And as they say in the business, if you can’t beat em’ join em’! 

What Being a Google Partner Agency Means

Achieving the status of a Google Partner agency is no small feat. There are challenging criteria set by Google to attain this prestigious recognition, which the search engine verifies daily. To become a Google Partner, agencies must meet stringent performance requirements, including demonstrating expertise in Google Ads, meeting spending thresholds, and delivering high-quality client results.

Continuous training and skill development are essential for our hardworking team of Savy content strategists and data experts. That’s what started our journey to becoming a Google Partner agency. 

Google’s Criteria for Becoming a Partner Agency

Being a Google Partner agency goes beyond simple badges. It signifies a close collaboration with Google, access to exclusive resources and tools for monitoring ad campaigns, and the ability to anticipate industry trends. 

You Have Existing Client Growth 

Having a healthy and growing client base is one aspectGoogle monitors by cumulative ad spending among your existing client accounts. They want to see that your accounts maintain active growth, year over year. 

You Maintain Your Clients

Keeping the same clients around is a sign of stability and expertise (both for Google and your prospective clients). This shows an agency’s ability to sustain clients who trust your expertise in managing their Google Ads budget. 

Your Client Spend Goes Beyond Search Into things Like Display and App Spend

Having diverse spending in your client’s Google Ad services is a green light for Google. This includes things beyond search, like YouTube and display ads.

Your Total Ad Spend is Important to Google

Spending across your managed client accounts each year is an important metric to Google in evaluating your eligibility for partnership. Recent spending indicates that you are remaining active in your client management or even growing.

Backstage Access to Google for Customer Support

One key benefit available to Google Partner agencies is the direct line of communication with Google’s support team. This ensures agencies like Savy are always equipped with the latest insights, updates, and best practices, allowing us to implement cutting-edge strategies for clients. Additionally, the partnership provides early access to new features and beta programs, giving Savy a competitive edge in delivering innovative and impactful campaigns.

Benefits for Brands Choosing a Google Partner Agency

For brands working with Savy, the benefits of having a Google Partner Agency are substantial. Our clients gain access to a team of certified experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of Google Ads. This translates to strategically crafted campaigns optimized for maximum ROI.

The close collaboration with Google allows Savy to provide clients with early insights into emerging trends and technologies. This enables brands to stay ahead of the competition, adopting new features and strategies before becoming mainstream.

More than this, the Google Partner badge instills trust and confidence in clients. It’s a testament to Savy’s credibility and proficiency in managing successful advertising campaigns. Brands can proceed confidently, knowing they’re working with an agency that meets Google’s high performance and client satisfaction standards.

Maximizing Success for Clients is the Savy Way! 

Savy’s Google Partner status is not merely a credential—it’s a mark of an agency that’s always evolving. Our partnership with Google allows us to tap into a wealth of data and insights, enabling informed decision-making and optimized advertising strategies. From e-commerce to B2B services, we are experienced at running ads that maximize our client’s success because we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. If you’re ready to move beyond conventional marketing, send us a message and amp up your online presence in 2024.