The only thing constant about marketing is change. And for 2023, we’ve got the drop on the digital marketing trends you can look forward to in the new year. Things like live video, social media strategies, influencer marketing, and third-party tracking cookies are set to change the way we engage customers in the coming years.

Going Live With Video Digital Marketing Trends

Livestream video is a vibe right now. Instead of being polished and controlled, going live is about providing a more authentic, spontaneous experience of a brand or its influencers. The results for brands? More awareness and customer engagement. 

Many consumers find this raw take on content more trustworthy, specifically with product reviews. And the data supports it. Livestream’s survey conducted with New York Magazine of 1,000 adults found that “82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts.” 

In 2021, TikTok became the most widely downloaded mobile app of all time. And while YouTube made its debut in long-format videos, TikTok and Instagram Reels dominate the market with shorter, clip-like content (15 seconds up to 3 minutes). 

Live video is a step toward meeting the customer where they are, which means more than just a shift in attention spans but gaining touchpoints to connect through video. It’s a more interactive and dynamic format than simply viewing an Instagram or Facebook post. 

The Beginning Of The End For The Tracking Cookie

You may have heard that Google is phasing out the third-party tracking cookie, which enables an in-depth look at which websites customers visit. Third-party cookies let companies track their customer’s data and activity across websites, which feels invasive to many. 

So, what’s the alternative? Enter: The Privacy Sandbox initiative. A solution to a more private web-browsing experience online. 2023 is the testing ground for this privacy API from Google, which means cookies will remain functional until 2024.

The challenge to digital advertisers is to keep creating a personalized experience for their communities online in this cookie-less future. So what’s the solution? Tune into the digital marketing trends and interactions with your community that aren’t going away. Social media engagement, blog analytics, survey data, and other ways of tracking customers and how they want to be tracked is a new way forward. Marketers still have plenty of tools, even if the times are changing.

Social Media: A Whole New World Of Customer Support

2023 will cast a different light on social interactions: engaging customer support services. Customers often use platforms like Instagram messages to contact a company and discuss a problem. So, social media as a backchannel for customers to connect is more likely to come to the forefront as a supportive engagement strategy for brands. And, all the more reason to be aware of your channels for customer questions or complaints! 

It matters because anything a customer says or asks is a public record (and acts as an indirect review of your brand.) So faster response times to customers and a greater emphasis on customer experience, support, and information on all social channels is a safe bet as we move into 2023. 

Make Way For Community-Led Content Vs. Personas

Consumer interests have grown more and more diverse, especially since the pandemic. People’s buying habits are harder to predict now. As a result, brand loyalty is more complex. As marketers, we have to get into the nitty-gritty of social listening and engagement.

Strictly persona-based marketing will no longer work. Instead, brands can target their communities now by shifting toward the content creators within their communities already engaging the brand.

Call in the influencer, the midnight TikTok content creator, and the prominent personalities in your spaces as drivers of engagement. Now more than ever, people aren’t looking for hyper-polished content from brands they love but stripped-down, raw, and spontaneous consumer-led content. However, this can only come from someone within your community. 

So who are you already noticing is a thought leader for your brand? Bringing on those already in your corner, sharing your brand, and using their voice and language to find success will help you win over more of your crowd. 

Don’t Neglect The Basics 

While viewing the digital marketing landscape as a Wild Wild West of new trends and fast-paced algorithms is easy, keeping sight of the basics is essential. If you have yet to form a solid marketing foundation, now is the time! Email is not dead. And we’re here to confirm that things like SEO strategy, social media, and digital ads are still the formula for a more substantial brand presence and engagement with your customers. 

No trend is powerful enough to provide the kind of lift that these pillars of content strategy achieve. So instead of chasing digital marketing distractions, focus on the foundation of your plan first. Then try to engage through trends. 

Get Marketing Experts In Your Corner For A Successful Start To 2023

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