So you’re searching for a digital marketing agency to help build your brand. But you might not know exactly what an agency even does. It’s okay—we don’t blame you. It’s a dynamic industry out there. At Savy, we’re always happy to tell our potential clients a little more about what it is we say we do. After all, it’s not every day that we get to talk about ourselves since we’re so busy creating awesome client content. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll learn five (maybe six) new things you didn’t know a digital marketing agency could do. 

Some points may seem obvious. Others may even surprise you. Whichever it is, we believe an informed client is an excellent client. And who knows, you may decide it’s time to work with us and step your online game up. Let’s be honest; every business could be a little more Savy when it comes to online digital marketing. 


What does a digital marketing agency do, anyway? 


In short, a digital marketing agency helps businesses take their products to the next level by bringing them online. Our goal is to optimize your brand no matter what you’re offering, selling, or creating. Everyone has a niche market, and there’s an audience out there who deserves to know about you. We’ll help you build brand awareness around your product and discover your audience so you don’t have to. How we do that comes down to how we decide to deliver you to the consumer.  

According to a recent Forbes article, 82% of smartphone users search online for what they’re about to buy. That means if you don’t have much of an online presence, you may be missing out on 82% of that business. We can’t have that. 

When you hire a digital marketing agency, we’ll convert that 82% of lost, quality business, and sculpt your brand into an industry-leading powerhouse that reaches people from all over the world. We help you plant your online flag, establish a proper foothold, and bring your brand to center stage.  

How we do that is through intelligent web design, collaborative branding, and innovative content strategies that creates standards for the whole industry to get behind. 


1.   Deliver companies with a killer brand name and market position 


Picture this: you’re the owner of a start-up, and you have the perfect business model, the team to execute it, and the support to back it up. The only thing is that you don’t know what to call it. And you definitely don’t know how to tell the world about what it does.

Digital marketing agencies build your brand so that it’s not just another product; it’s a lifestyle. In today’s world, brands are so much more than just what they sell. But they can also be a dime a dozen. So how can Savy help you stand out above all the noise?

We’ll help represents your brand’s culture through unique social marketing strategies, dynamic logo design, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content that pushes the status quo. Whether it’s seeing your brand name at the top of Google Search or pushing sales well past your competition, our proven strategies will build you up, not the other way around.

Our goal is to make your brand unique to your market so that the moment people hear your name or see your logo; they know what they’re getting into. 


2.   Perform data testing on new product design and development—from concept to market and management


Before your product even goes to the market, we’ll test out what strategies work best and how to develop them even further. From social media boosting to monitoring your organic CTR, there’s a lot of preliminary testing we can do in addition to post-launch evaluations. Whether it’s checking out how many unique users are engaging with your social posts or monitoring who’s looking at what on your site, there’s plenty we keep tabs on.  From there, we’ll help you manage your website’s SEO and adapt to the new Google ranking algorithms that arise. 


3.   Maintain digital presence by managing on-site SEO as algorithms change and evolve


Just because Google loves your SEO-optimized website after we launch it, doesn’t mean that love will last forever. Google frequently updated and modifies search algorithms to meet new standards. For example, the recent Core Update affects Google ranking algorithms, which, in turn, affect your position on Google search pages. If things are changed around that don’t favor your website and the SEO used to optimize it, your digital marketing agency goes in and manages the situation so that your website’s love affair with Google stays on-track. After all, every relationship deserves some part of your attention. 


4.   Build a paid advertising campaign that generates sustained visibility and ROI


So, now you have an awesome website, brand name, and ongoing support services. But the work doesn’t stop there. Paid advertising on Google and different social media platforms will elevate your return on investment (ROI) and ensure you don’t fall back onto the second, third, or even fourth pages of Google search. 

We shoot for a marketing ROI with a 5:1 ratio based on how large your ad spend is. This ratio keeps your brand visible and can help you reach audiences you never thought were possible. 


5.   Be a long-term partner for brand success


A digital marketing agency like Savy doesn’t just build your brand, strategize your goals, launch your website, and call it “finis.” We pride ourselves on being long-term partners that continue to work with you long after you’ve first walked through our doors.  

With our ongoing support services like SEO blogging, social media strategies, and frequent website updates, there’s plenty of excuses to keep hanging around the Savy office. This point also reminds us of the sixth thing you didn’t know a digital marketing agency could do… 



6.   Serve a killer beverage for a meeting


We can’t help but let you in on the secret touch that makes Savy such a great place to meet.

When you come in to sit down with us and talk discuss your digital dreams, we’ll serve you up some killer local cold brew, CBD drink, or kombucha. Sure, we could just give you water, but where’s the deliciousness in that? There’s nothing quite like talking about the future of your business over a freshly poured glass of cold brew coffee. 



Let’s Connect


Now that you’re enlightened on what exactly it is we say we do here, we feel like we need to be honest. What if we told you that we’re only brushing the surface of what a digital marketing agency can do for you? It’s no secret that our industry will continue to evolve. And it’s not slowing down. If anything, it’s speeding up. As digital experts, we stay on top of every evolution so that you don’t have to. That’s called adaptability, and it’s not just a “want” in this industry, it’s a “need.” 

At Savy, we’re always looking for the next big brand that’s looking for a digital transformation. No matter who you are, what you’re selling, and where you want to go, we’ll make it happen. Now it’s your turn to tell us a little bit more about you. Let’s get together and revamp your online presence.