The Savy Agency creates successful projects.

We do this because A. we love them. B. we’ve been at it for a long time, and C. because we follow a few key rules. By using a comprehensive management process, not to mention the newest, best-in-class tools available, we’re able to employ successful projects that make clients happy — and their products and services a success.

In the initial project kickoff phase, good ideas, complicated technologies and complex functionality all add complexity. Often simple projects can simply become unmanageable within the timeline or project budget. Then what?

The Savy Agency comes at it from an on-time, on-budget and lean approach to getting things done to everyone’s satisfaction.

While every project leader has a preferred style that seems to work and get the project done – just as every client has a unique set of challenges and needs, here are a few tips to help with successful project management on your next creative project:

1. Ensure you’ve identified “success.” and will be able to benchmark that at the project’s completion.

2. Ensure that size and scope fall within the resources available. Are wing serve a full course meal on a cheeseburger budget. We need to be realistic and practical and build the best possible within the project scope.

3. Elegant simplicity. Getting launched in a beta phase is often one of the best decisions you can make. Simple sites are cleaner and easy to build from the get go so long as you’re using up-to-date technology.

4. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

5. Always win. It’s better to walk away from a project before its kickoff then to fail half way through, both for the client and the team.

6. Use online services for file sharing when possible. This has been a great benefit and time saver for us in moving large files and expedites the process when needing to review and approve drafts.

The landscape is competitive, and it takes many players to bring together a marketable product or service.

When we work with clients, open communication is important for planning and executing finished products. Our project management team is always remain available to assist with our client’s questions and concerns.