At Savy, we believe in putting the right people in the right positions. We know that when people are allowed to perform the skills that suit them best they thrive and so does the company they represent. We’ve always taken this to heart, whether it be in hiring a graphic designer, copywriter, or WordPress developer.
When it came time to hire a new project manager, we searched for the perfect fit. Someone detail oriented who is very organized and has incredible people skills. Sometimes it takes a very organized person to wrangle the creative types. We needed someone personable who could regulate the team and also reach out to clients. After weeks of searching we finally found Savy’s newest project manager.

Meet Lauren Kirchoff: Project Manager

Lauren comes to Savy from Nashelle where she gained experience in the fashion industry. Lauren has experience working with PR agencies, showrooms and an inhouse team. Her strong organizational skills and attention to detail lend well to tradeshows and design planning and execution. Paired with her experience in customer service, we’re certain Lauren is the perfect fit for project management at our digital marketing agency.

About Lauren

  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University in Sociology and Social Science
  • Has a husband and two pugs
  • Enjoys hiking, exploring new trails and circuit training
  • Is a beer and hard cider enthusiast (even home brews with her husband)
  • Also enjoys playing poker, fantasy football, traveling and cooking

Savy is excited to welcome Lauren to the team. We’re a close knit group and already a couple weeks in and she’s fitting in perfectly. Our current clients have already had the pleasure of meeting Lauren. So is your company seeking a digital marketing agency as your next partner? When you choose to partner with Savy for all of your digital marketing needs you’ll meet Lauren, as well as the rest of the crew.