We’re often asked:

How long until I see my blog in search results?

The speed in which your blog post gets picked up and where it is placed in search, essentially depends on three things:

  • The traffic to the blog and/or blog post
  • The build of the content and the competitiveness of the blog and/or post title – and –
  • The page rank of your WordPress website or blog


One of the reason’s you work on SEO is to increase your website or blog’s page rank.

The higher your rank the more trust you have with Google, and the quicker your content is served and the faster you can get website results. One way to see your content online faster is to promote it online (such as via your email marketing and on Facebook or Google+). This increases the traffic to it and hence the trust factor. Even though your content may be built correctly, you still want to look at your title to see if people are actually going to search for it, meaning is it relevant and something people are looking for?

You want to choose titles that will get you traffic on people looking for something specific. Note that adding extra words and/or meanings to your titles and content will only water down the search factor on your popular keywords. So try and stick to the point and stay specific.

‘How long until I see my blog in search results’ is a good question. It’s one we get all the time. Remember, Google’s filter can still change search results. So read up on what you can do to fix it.

Have fun out there, and as always, let us know if we can help.
Best, Christina | Creative @ Savy Agency