Brand Naming and Identity.

The right brand naming strategy turns ordinary companies into iconic brands.

A boring brand name won’t get you noticed.

What’s the difference between naming your brand and naming a baby? While the average person meets around 80,000 people in a lifetime, your brand’s name needs to be recognized by hundreds of thousands (or even millions) around the world.

Naming research and analysis

Brand naming is equal parts art and science. At Savy, we start with market research. analysis, and gathering market insights. From there, we’ll distill the data into brand name and brand identity ideas. Together, we’ll look at how pieces of the brand will fit together to support each other and how the brand will communicate in the market.

Brand strategy and logo design

Our brand naming and brand identity work doesn’t stop there. Once a name has been selected, our design team will use your brand strategy and brand voice to develop the logo and brand guidelines. Having proper brand guidelines in place builds brand cohesion, which in turn helps build consumer trust.

brand naming and identity
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Developing, growing, or restructuring a brand?

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