Your social media communications represent your brand in a very transparent way. There is no question that it only takes a few more clicks for your audience to learn the truth about who and what you are.

Common social media marketing mistakes

Artificial Results

Artificially inflated results are not difficult to purchase or produce. To avoid this, highlight testimonies and personal relationships that came from real people and provide real statistics.

False Promises

Companies guarantee results while failing to detail evidence of their client’s success.

Treating Social Media Like a One-Night Stand

Attempting “one-off” sales techniques is a major turn off. Inconsistency and a lack of authenticity is something we see everyday. Don’t be one of those guys.

Bad Usability

Have a website that works. Don’t force feed pop-ups or sign-ups. Don’t tell users to “share” if your share button doesn’t work. Make sure you’ve fixed all your major problems.


Spamming is disrespectful. The more interactive the medium, the more intrusive bad marketing can be. Every opportunity to be on a user’s screen is an opportunity to make a good impression. Squandering the opportunity is both short-sided and self-involved.


Pretending to be somebody else

It’s OK to build a personal brand or persona, but dishonest pretending is self-serving and disingenuous. Being your friendly approachable self has stronger staying power.

Did we cover the most common social media marketing mistakes? What have we left out? Tell us in the comments section below.