Would you like your customers to do your online marketing for you in case you don’t have a heavy budget for advertising? Here are some budget friendly website marketing ideas …

For budget friendly website marketing ideas, focus your marketing efforts on creating an enthusiastic customer base to share their love of your company and its products. This can be done by providing:

-Gift certificates to send to a friend for a website sign-up
-Customer rewards or discounts for sharing with friends
-Customer rewards or discounts for purchasing
-Facebook “like” buttons
-Homepage widgets promoting your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter content

Your overall marketing strategy should include three main areas:

Content Marketing

Content comes via email, four or five blog posts a month, and an active social media strategy to offer promotions and encourage communication with customers.

Reward and Incentive Programs

Reward and incentive programs build the customer database, drives sales and are a major contributor to sharing as a marketing effort.


Email is cheap to send. Therefore, you can determine the appropriate frequency of your email campaigns to your target audience and send promotional offers on a regular basis. Also, be sure to send value-added content, which will drive both open rates and actual sales.


So what do you think? Do you have more budget friendly website marketing ideas? Leave your comments below.