It takes serious dedication to your marketing planning and strategy to ensure that your steering your ship in the right direction.

If you want to use the your marketing efforts and dollars most effectively, be sure you to ask these questions on a regular basis:

  • Is our current marketing strategy driving the results we want; the inbound leads and return on investment we desire?
  • Is our brand (colors, logo, message, feel) consistent in all areas: website, social media, print collateral, signage, correspondents, etc?
  • Do our marketing materials cuts through the clutter? Are they refreshing, eye catching, set apart and read?
  • Does our current marketing strategy delivers our message 24/7?
  • Is our website functional, easy to navigate and exciting. We have a handle of Web 2.0 marketing opportunities and regularly monitor and add content to the most popular social networking sites (like Facebook) and files sharing sites (like YouTube). Search engines love us.
  • We are absolutely committed to spending time and energy on reaching our marketing goals!

If you would like the long list of questions and would like to rate your strategy, feel free to download our BrandSpring Questionnaire. Click the “Get Savy” button below to request.

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