Savy Agency, a digital marketing agency with locations in Bend Oregon and Santa Barbara California, has launched an ongoing content marketing and blogging side of their agency. Savy implemented the ongoing support services in response to client demand for consistent and high-quality traffic to their websites. This move has expanded Savy’s digital offering to include cost-effective monthly web content, search engine optimization, mobile usability, analytics reporting and management, email marketing, social media, and online press release creation and management.

An effective keyword and content strategy in place is essential for sustained organic traffic online.

Christina Brown, Creative Director at Savy, said, “Google has been and will be making a ton of algorithmic changes and requirements that affect small businesses and how they render results. This is especially relevant for local and mobile users. Along with this, high quality, engaging content is the leading channel driving targeted traffic to our clients’ websites. Therefore, having an effective keyword and content strategy in place is essential for sustained organic traffic online.”

Savy’s in-house copywriters are focused on creating quality content that increases traffic through the search engines and social media. And ultimately, this improves the website’s position overall.

“With our ongoing accounts, we’re continuously monitoring the sites for and correcting any rendering or meta errors. We provide easy-to-read and understand Google Analytics reporting with all of our content management accounts. We do this because for most small businesses these reports can be cumbersome and difficult to understand.”

Helping clients achieve optimum search placement.

Savy is continuously working to help its clients achieve optimum search placement. Included in its ongoing content marketing services is writing website content, optimizing the website itself, and now adding ongoing high quality content to the website. All of these elements help with website rankings and traffic. As a branding agency, Savy Agency treats each client and industry they represent uniquely, tailoring suggestions and solutions for the brand as well as the customer.

“Search is a moving target. The search engines want well-written, relevant content. This includes content that strategically implements a placement strategy across digital channels. A well-launched and managed content strategy helps our clients achieve top placement with many of their search terms, and ultimately drives business.”

Savy is a branding, web design and digital marketing agency. Savy has a passion for big ideas and for translating them into engaging user experiences online. For over eight years, Savy Agency has been helping businesses of all sizes navigate the digital space by providing digital marketing services to improve their brands and visibility. For additional information or media inquiries: |